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    Name: Ellie (iMusic17)
    House: Slytherin
    Character Used: Neville Longbottom
    Ratings/Warnings: 1-2nd years, none (not even profanity this time)
    Word Count: 490
    A/N: Oh joy. Pre-warning for inner-monologue drama. :/ Also, many thanks to Alex for her help with fact-checking over AIM. And this was very challenging, Barmaids, though really fun.

    “Muggles are filthy, worthless beings, and must be put in their place,” Professor Carrow lectured, circling the room like a hawk. It was as if she was daring someone to disagree.

    Neville sat there, his face blank. Seamus was clenching his fists under his desk, and Neville knew he was thinking about his best mate. Neville wanted so badly to just stand up and scream ‘NO!’. But he couldn’t, or else face the consequences. And with the Carrows … you never knew what they would be.

    So he settled for tuning the professor out, and looking around the room. The Slytherins were sitting there with sadistic smiles, as always, but Lavender was slowly reddening in the face, while Parvati sat stone-faced. There were only four seventh-year Gryffindors this year, with Dean and Harry, Ron, and Hermione gone. And with them missing, the group had completely changed.

    Without Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Gryffindor, and Hogwarts in general, had seemed to lose its fight. Even with Umbridge, they had still fought. Now, though, no one stood up to the Carrows or Snape. They were too scared. But without that bit of defiance, they had nothing to keep them going. The common room was silent most nights. Everyone either whispered their opinion, or simply remained mute.
    And suddenly, Neville’s first class with Umbridge came back to him.

    "So we're not supposed to be prepared for what's waiting for us out there?"

    "There is nothing waiting out there, Mr. Potter."

    "Oh, yeah?" said Harry. His temper, which seemed to have been bubbling just beneath the surface all day, was reaching boiling point.

    "Who do you imagine wants to attack children like yourselves?" enquired Professor Umbridge in a horribly honeyed voice.

    "Hmm, let's think . . .' said Harry in a mock thoughtful voice. 'Maybe . . . Lord Voldemort?"

    Neville got an idea, though he knew it was mad. He wasn’t Harry, and why should he try to fill his gap now? He had done nothing for a month; he had just let the Carrows destroy the school.

    “Mudbloods are no better than Muggles. They are dirty thieves who steal our magic, when their blood is no better than the Muggles. They-“

    “So how much Muggle blood do you and your brother got, then?” he asked, and everyone turned around. The professor advanced, but Neville didn’t care. He knew what he had to do.

    Because it wasn’t Harry who had created the hope. Standing up to the person, whether it be Umbridge or even Voldemort, was what gave everyone hope.

    Neville was done lying down in front of the Carrows to walk on. He didn’t let Malfoy or Umbridge walk over him, so why let them? It was time to do something real.

    And suddenly … Neville got another idea. One he thought the others might like. He fingered the galleon he always kept in his pocket.

    It was time to restart the D.A.

    *Taken from OotF Chapter Ten: Professor Umbridge
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