This was very difficult again, but first, before I type out the results, I'd like to tell you the criteria I used for judging.

Obviously, characterisation is a given, as is SPaG, but with Word Beads, I wanted to see how well you incorporated each word into your drabble.

This weeks judging was made harder by the fact that I wanted to award at least three first places. Deep sigh for the poor barmaid.

Okay, you've probably read none of that, but here's my decision for week 2.

1st place Karaley Dargen - Gryffindor
It was the twist at the end that secured the win for this drabble. Lucius and Narcissa are wildly unsympathetic characters in the books until we get a small glimpse of them in DH when Charity is being tortured. Kara brought that shared intimacy and concern to the fore in this drabble. (Although, it has to be said that I'm devastated there's no twin sister of Draco's roaming Hogwarts and getting Sorted into Gryffindor ...)

2nd place- hestiajones - Hufflepuff
Natalie's characterisation of Albus, and the way she seamlessly weaved the words into the drabble, secured second place (and dem nearly first) this week.

Honourable Mentions: babewithbrains for a really rather good James/Lily, and coolh5000 for a Neville story that made me sigh and LollyLovesick for an excellent Pansy drabble.


(Please feel free to PM me if you want to ask questions about the Gauntlet or my judging)