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    Name: Free_Elf/Bec
    House: Hufflepuff
    Chosen Character: Luna Lovegood
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd/none
    Word Count: 460

    The album hadn’t been moved from its place on the shelf in years, but it had never been forgotten. Its spine had faded to an indeterminate brownish colour, but no dust was ever permitted to settle upon it. All in all, it was perfectly harmless – just a photo album. Still, every time she saw it, Luna felt a small shiver run down her spine and she always made sure to dust it as fast as she could so that she could move on to happier books.

    Luna never looked in the album. At first, because it made her sad and then because it made her angry, until, now, it made her scared. It was somewhat silly to be frightened of the album, or rather, what it held. There were so many things in the world she should be more scared of but Luna had never seen the sense in feeling things just because people thought she should. After all, it wasn’t that she was unafraid of Voldemort and Death Eaters and a Hogwarts without Dumbledore. She was scared of them, but right now the album scared her more.

    There was only so much a girl like Luna could do about Voldemort and Death Eaters and a Hogwarts without Dumbledore, about all the frightening things in the world. But there was something she could do about the album, something she could do to remove this one frightening thing.

    Taking a deep breath, Luna squeezed her eyes shut and touched the album’s spine with one trembling finger.

    “Like Harry,” she whispered, and pulled the album down from the shelf. She sat comfortable on the floor and rested it in her lap.

    The weight of the album pulled all her fears crashing down upon her. What if the photos weren’t familiar? If they showed a stranger? If she couldn’t make them fit with her memories? Her memories were so bright, like paintings, but memories lied, sometimes. The album – the photographs – wouldn’t lie.

    There was nothing she would like more than to shove the album back on the shelf. She didn’t want to know. Didn’t need to know. After all, she would be waiting for her; Luna didn’t need the album to see her again. Luna laughed a little. People would think it strange, a Ravenclaw not wanting to know something. They didn’t understand the terrifying power of knowing things. Luna sighed. She was avoiding having to open the album.

    If she raised her head, she could just see the corner of her bedroom door. Her friends were there. Harry and Neville and Ron and Ginny and Hermione. They would open the album. They could do it.
    She could do it. The cover of the album creaked as it moved.

    “Hello, mum,” Luna whispered.
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