Seldom have I read things which are almost too lovely to be gazed upon my mortal eyes, but MNFF has a few authors who are mainstays on my personal favourites and on my to-read list. One of these is the lovely Julia/ the opaleye.

One of Julia's hallmarks is prose that reads like poetry, as well as poetry that reads like quicksilver. I know many of you are new to SPEW and, therefore, reviewing poetry, but there is no better way to start reviewing poetry than to review one of the best poets ever to submit to MNFF. There are also several other lovely selections of the non-poem sort.

Some of the less reviewed stories/poems I fully recommend are:

Neither Can Live — Poetry
The Lost Weeks — Poetry
Your Heart Burned Black — Dark/Angst
The Elder Tree — General Fics
I Am Alive — Poetry

As usual, ask and answer one topic question (TQ), as well as leave a link to your review. Returning to the discussion is both allowed and encouraged. The author WILL BE JOINING US FOR DISCUSSION! Yes, kids, you can ask Julia questions about her writing process, her style, her inspiration...anything you wish as long as it pertains to writing or her stories/poems! Julia will be jumping in when she has a sufficient amount of material to which she can reply. You aren't required to leave an author TQ, but I recommend it, as we will only be featuring one author per year. It would suck to miss your chance.

Another bonus of Julia joining us for discussion is that she is MNFF's resident Poet Laureate, as well as very educated in many aspects of poetry, such as form, history, style, and how these all work together to make poetry work. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from someone about many of the more difficult aspects of analysing and interpreting poetry.

You may also have noticed that the lovely Spire has written a poetry reviewing tutorial in the RAC's Guide to Good Reviewing. This is a good opportunity to step outside your normal boundaries and review a great poet.

I'll give you a couple TQs to get started:

TQ for Discussion: How does Julia's use of sentence length affect the way you read some of the more emotive passages in her stories?

TQ for Discussion: Did you notice an incongruity in the word count of the stories as compared to the depth of them?

This activity is due to be completed by 15th April.