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Thread: Can Buckbeak sit?

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    Can Buckbeak sit?

    Well you already know the question. Something about Hippogriffs in general: rated XXX. They have the head, wings, forelegs of a giant eagle and body, hindlegs, tail of a horse. They are carnivores. Their wingspan is approx 24 feet (7-something meters), which makes me realise just how huge they are.

    I was trying to think how someone would find Buckbeak (OotP) if they came upon him in Mrs Black's room at night time. Does he sleep standing? Also any ideas on how they actually managed to get him in Grimmauld Place with that huge wingspan of his.

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    I am fairly certain that he can lie down, if that is any help. Sitting like a dog, I doubt.
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    Buckbeak has the front of an eagle and the hindquarters of a horse. As horses are capable of sitting and lying down, though they don't usually, I would imagine that he CAN sit, but that he doesn't generally. I do think that he can lie down though, and I think that's how he sleeps.

    As for how they got him in the house? Crisco, magic and prayer? No, in all honesty, I think with his wings folded in and probably a bit of magic, he could get through the doorways fairly easily.
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    Buckbeak isn't going to have his wings spread all the time, so he'd probably be able to fit through a door, though I'm going to say that the window is more likely. These old Victorian town houses like Grimmauld Place often had huge, floor length windows. His mother's bedroom is likely to be one of the larger bedrooms seeing as she is an older family member so would be one of the ones with large windows. I'd say they got him in through there. Easier than getting him up however many flights of stairs.

    Sitting, I'd say he could probably sit like a horse, like Eleanor says. I'm sure it says somewhere in the books that Buckbeak is lying down, but I'd guess that is sitting like a horse, rather than lying flat out. Horses tend to sleep standing up because they can lock their knees so it takes little effort to do so. I'd say that Buckbeak, with only two horse legs, would sit and lie down more than a horse.

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    You always have the most magical answers, Sarah. Thank you for that that bit about Victorian architecture. I see now that 'sit' is the wrong choice of word. I thought I'd looked closely before, but as it happens, in PoA it does say in a chapter 'Buckbeak the Hippogriff was lying in the corner, chomping on something that was oozing blood all over the floor'.

    Thanks everybody for your input. Appreciate it.

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