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Okay, if the email system is preventing people from REGISTERING, what is being done about it? I mean, it's one thing to lose notifications for reviews, since we can still check manually. But that hardly matters if new members can't register to LEAVE them. Bad enough the malware probably scared loads of people off even reading; if they still can't use the site, they just won't bother anymore. And there are enough active members here that it seems only fair that after all this time it should be looked at. Is this something that the MNFF team needs to take care of, or the main site? What version of efiction do we use and can it be upgraded? I'm thinking it's been discontinued, so what about patching? If it will cost money to find a professional coder, is there a way to solicit funds from the main site to do so, since (I assume) they get all the ad money generated by the hits on OUR stories?
And it would be lovely to know what is being done, who is doing it --heck, who is still working here -- etc. etc. Transparency is a good thing.
The issue isn't with new registrations on the archives. Any given day, there are 15-20 new registrations. Registration doesn't require email confirmation. The main issue with that is that our password request system isn't working, as it requires an email. As of yet, we don't have an alternative to this, but every day, anywhere between 5 and 15 people request new passwords and don't get them. I've been working on an idea for this, so I personally am aware of the problem. That may be a mitigating factor as to why there are fewer reads/reviews/submissions.

Unfortunately, I think it's deeper than that. There are no new landmarks in the Potter fandom these days: no films, no books, no big events like Pottermore (well, we might get a wave once it opens up for general public). There will always be people in the fandom, and the fandom will always be big, but with it not being 'current' any more, there will be a drop-off. A lot of people are feeling the pinch of fewer reviews, and I feel bad that our technical issues are contributing to that in any way. It's being looked at, both by our resident coder and the main site people, but the issues seem to be deeply embedded in the eFiction software itself. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon, but it is being looked at.