In this thread, you will find links to stories posted/updated between 1 December 2010 and 30 November 2011 that have been deemed in need of reviews. The categories that can be found in this thread are:

General Fics
Next Generation
Post Hogwarts
Marauder Era
Alternate Universe
Humor Fics

Each category will have its own post for ease in perusal. There are a mix of one-shots and chaptered fics. This thread is not to post reviews. Please use the submission thread to post your reviews. Please check the available points for the story you're reviewing to make sure there are still points available for that story. You may, by all means, review stories that have no points remaining, but you will not receive points for that review. If you review a story with less points remaining than the score you received for your review, then you will be given full points.