I've been writing a next gen fic, and I have a few questions regarding Harry + Home life.

His house: As a 'famous person', would Harry have a large house? A normal one because he was trying to make his kids' life normal? Would it have a bottom floor that was always perfect for parties/such he has to host, with upstairs as his real house?

Family Life: As an Auror, would it make sense that he wasn't around a lot? I'm not sure if part of my fic wants to be Albus resenting Harry because he was never there, but I want to know if it makes plausible sense.

Children: Another 'reality check'. It's always hard for me to write Harry in the next generation, because I'm not sure if he's funny and rather childish, because he lost his childhood and whatnot, if he's always working, or if he's a normal father. (Can be angry but can also be fun -> but not childish) I guess what I'm trying to figure out is how Harry would interact with his children.