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Thread: Use of the Blood Quill (OOTP)

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    Use of the Blood Quill (OOTP)

    We know Umbridge used the blood quill on both Harry and Lee Jordan in OOTP but later in the series (DH?) it is implied that their use is illegal or at least strictly regulated, so which is more plausible, that Umbridge was using the quill in only some of her detentions or that she was using it on all students she was putting in detention and yet somehow none of them were reporting it/being believed?

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    Where does it say their use is regulated? I don't have the books on me, so I can't check, but I've looked on the Lexicon and it doesn't say anything.

    But seeing as both Harry and Lee have used it, I'd have said she used it in most of her detentions. I wouldn't say all, because she puts whole classes in detention and I doubt she'd have more than one of those quills. Perhaps she used it on people she guessed would have too much pride to tell someone else, Lily Harry.

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    I agree with Saphire at Dawn that she was probably only using it on certain students. However, I think even if students told others what was happening, they wouldn't be believed. Umbridge was placed at Hogwarts by Fudge's own command because he was worried that Dumbledore would try to overthrow him. She'd sent Dementors after Harry without the Minister knowing, so it's very conceivable that Umbridge used something illegal on students and lied about it if ever questioned. It's more likely that she used it illegally and if anyone complained Fudge wrote it off.
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    I agree with the previous posts, I doubt she'd have had more than one of the quills, so would have only used it on students who's crimes she deemed deserving of it!

    Also, I think that had Harry or Lee gone to another member of staff and told them what was going on they would have undoubtedly been believed, though admittedly the Ministry would have been less likely to believe them had the staff chosen to pursue it further. Though the scars should be quite compelling evidence!

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    I think all students...


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