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Thread: Soraya's Lovenotes :)

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    Soraya's Lovenotes :)

    Candy Hearts

    Sweet Love
    Honey Bun


    Louis Weasley/Lily Luna Potter

    Lily Evans Potter/Alice Longbottom



    Teddy/Victoire (was there, and then it wasn't, and then there was a drabble!)

    I’m fine with pretty much anything — fluff, angst or a mixture of both. And I love smut
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    Title: P.S. I Love You
    Ratings/Warnings: 1-2nd years/Character Death
    Notes: Don't die from the (maybe) fluff, please! (I still believe it isn't as fluffy as it is bittersweet) And I used Teddy/Victoire and I LOVE YOU (Also . . . Pippa = their daughter)

    ďHe told me to give this to you, if something happened,Ē Andrew Wood said quietly, handing me a letter. A new burst of tears erupted; only Teddy would do this: plan for the absolute worst. I looked up at his best mate through my blurry eyes, seeing that he had broken down as well. We all were; Teddy Lupin was dead.

    ďDid you get one?Ē I asked, and Andrew nodded. He sat down next to me and took my hand. Teddyís ring was still there on my finger; it always would be.

    ďOpen them together?Ē I asked, my hands trembling. He nodded, and we opened up the envelopes together. I recognized Teddyís messy scrawl instantly.

    I know what youíre thinking, Vic; only I would plan for the worst. I had to, though, because I donít know what I would do if I knew I left you, without even saying goodbye. So I wrote you this letter, to tell you all the things I was never able to, though I may sound like a girl.

    I love the way your hair smells. (It smells like vanilla, so donít go sniffing yourself) I love the way you laugh; it sounds like bells. I love the way you dance around like a fairy, with not a care in the world, and I love the way your eyes always look amazed at the world. I love the way you look when youíre angry, even when itís at me. I love the way you canít leave the house without your red lipstick, and I love the way you make everyone smile. I love the way you smile when youíre sleeping, and I love how you need your tea to be able to function. I love your sarcastic comments, and I love how you always hit your foot on the corner of the bed every morning.

    I canít believe I never told you these things. Iíve always noticed them, even if I never showed it. I know you donít want me to say this, but Iím so sorry, Tori.

    Iím sorry I left you so soon, but all the things I said are true. Youíre amazing, and I never wanted to leave you, and Iím sorry. Donít listen to what anyone says about you, because I know you, so I know itís all lies. Weíve been best mates forever, and that will never change. But because I know you, and I know you think youíll never move on, youíll never get over me. You need to try, Tori. I care about you too much to let you pine over me for the rest of your life. The only thing I ask is that you try. Tell little Pippa that I love her, and Iím sorry I never got to watch her grow up. Iím so sorry, Tori.

    Iíll wait for you, but take your time
    Teddy Lupin

    I was angry; he said he loved all those things about me, but did he love me? He never said so, so I didnít know if I believed him. I looked at the note, ready to tear it to shreds. Then I saw the ending.

    (Donít get your knickers in a twist, love. I didnít forget)

    P.S. I love you

    I sighed. Only my Teddy would do that. I smiled, rereading the note. Teddy always was sensitive, and I couldnít help but blush reading all of the compliments. He was a charmer, Ted was. It was one of the many reasons why I loved him. I looked at the end of the note, tracing it with my fingers.

    I love you, too.
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    Title: In The Heat Of The Morning
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th/sexual situations/mention of character death and violence. Oh, and slash.
    Word Count: 797
    AN: The title is from a song. Do NOT google, because then you’ll know who I am. Heat Wave used, sort of. Was going to be I Love You, but someone beat me to it, although I do think it’s better like this

    In the heat of the morning, Katie Bell was enjoying the view. The view consisted of: the verdant green grass, each blade inhaling the sunshine; the castle, its shadow at this time of day falling away from the lawn; several people wondering the grounds, taking in the beautiful weather and the new sensation of liberation; Leanne.

    Her eyes were closed, but Katie knew that they were the darkest green. Her small hands were folded on her belly, which was rising and falling with each breath. She had rolled up her sleeves so that the most amount of skin was exposed to the sunlight.

    Katie traced Leanne’s smooth light brown skin with her pale finger, glancing to Leanne’s face to see her lips twitch in a brief smile.

    “I knew you were awake,” Katie said. “I want to see your eyes.”

    “I don’t want to open them,” Leanne murmured.

    “But they’re so beautiful. They’re like the forest. And you, you look like you’re worshipping the sun,” Katie whispered, her finger tracing Leanne’s collar bone, her neck, her chin, her cheek, and then her lips. “Sun goddess.”

    “You know,” Leanne said, voice distant, as if she was only half awake, “I’ve known you for so many years, but I’m only just realising how romantic you are.”

    “Romantic?” Katie snorted, now twisting her fingers into her girlfriend’s long black hair. “I’m not romantic.”

    “You say my eyes are like the forest and that I look like a solar deity, of course you’re romantic. I like the sun, you know that.”

    A slight wind was rustling the leaves of the tree next to them, and Katie noticed that goosebumps were forming on Leanne’s skin. The sun may be shining gloriously, but it was not summer, not quite yet. Just as Leanne’s lips were trembling on the edge of breaking into a full smile, Katie felt as though she was on the brink of falling into something glorious, and she wanted to extend the fall for as long as possible. This was the heat of the morning, and it was going to be a very long day.

    The night before they had been in a rush, exchanging harsh words, desperate to do what they wanted and say what they had to say, in case their lives were snatched away. Now, however, time rolled out before them.

    Shifting position, Katie rested her head on Leanne’s belly, and closed her eyes. It was Leanne, just a year ago, who had taught her the pleasure to be gained from staring at the sun with one’s eyes closed. Katie had noticed that the light bled through one’s eyelids, but this had always been an annoyance, something that forced her out of bed, rather than something to take pleasure in.

    They’d been lying in the garden of Katie’s house, talking and watching the sun through closed eyelids. Leanne had said she never felt so alive as when she felt sunlight on her skin. At the time, Katie had realised that Leanne was unwilling to talk about their lives post-Hogwarts, but put this down to fear or laziness, rather than the fact Leanne was preparing to go on the run. As it was, Leanne was not prepared enough, and by the time she was a persecuted minority, measures had been taken to prevent Muggle-borns from leaving the country, by magical and Muggle means. Leanne’s parents, both Muggle-borns, had been killed resisting arrest, and when Leanne showed up at the Bells, having escaped with little but her life, Katie immediately offered to shelter her.

    Leanne had refused, staying with the Bells one night, during which she had tiptoed to Katie’s room and told her that she thought she loved her, and then disappearing for, Katie feared, forever.

    When Katie saw Leanne in Hogwarts the day before, her heart had leapt to her throat. During the interim in the fighting, instead of helping to bury the dead and care for the wounded, they had found a deserted classroom, where quickly, passionately, and desperately, they had had sex.

    “You’d better not die,” Katie had said, breathing heavily between kisses. “Promise me you won’t die.”

    “I can’t promise you that,” Leanne had whispered. It was one of the things Katie had always valued about Leanne when they’d been friends: Leanne never made a promise unless she was sure she could keep it.

    But she hadn’t died. Neither of them had. Now, there was no need to rush. She could feel every rise and fall of Leanne’s chest, could feel the heat of her skin, and had never felt so alive.

    “I love you,” Katie whispered. She thought she’d spoken too quietly, but then felt Leanne’s hand, gently stroking her cheek.

    “I love you too,” Leanne said.
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    Title: To Love And To Be Loved
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th/sexual situations/character death and mention of violence. Does discussion of periods and the menopause also count? Well, just in case. The twins mentioned are not Neville/Twin. This is not also a Neville twin story.
    Word Count: 800
    AN: Lovenote used: 'To'

    The Order meeting was long over, but most members had remained to drink, to relax, to play cards. Alice was sitting apart, not wanting to do any of those things. She had to make a big decision, and was not sure what to do.

    The others, the Marauders, they called themselves, all looked so young. Because they are, she, bluntly, pointed out to herself. The oldest of them was nineteen, only just out of Hogwarts. It would be years before they would have to make the decision she was now making.

    She was pregnant. She’d been pregnant before, twice. The first time she’d had an abortion, being twenty two and wanting a career as an Auror before she thought about children. The second time she’d lost it during a fight with Death Eaters. The Healer had told her that if she seriously wanted a child, then she would have to be more careful, possibly move to a desk job. She’d tried that, for a week, but had been bored out of her head. She needed danger, she needed excitement, she needed to do something meaningful. Having a child was meaningful, several of her friends, all mothers, had pointed out to her, as well as sometimes snide, and sometimes kind, comments that she may not have much longer to have a child.

    Six months before, she’d missed her period. She’d been terrified, not that she was pregnant, as she had been when she’d missed her period five years before, but that the menopause had come. She was glad that it hadn’t been that, but wasn’t sure whether she was happy being pregnant. Wasn’t sure whether she was happy with Frank’s child. He knew, but they’d agreed not to tell anyone else. He’d proposed to her, again, saying that his mother would never forgive him if they had a child out of wedlock.

    They had been in love so many years, Alice thought. And, for many of those years, had had an open relationship. Alice thought she’d suggested it, but couldn’t really remember. She guessed, however, that Frank would consider Lily Potter off limits.

    It didn’t stop Alice thinking about her though. She was sitting opposite Alice, reading a book, and was so beautiful. What’s wrong with you? Alice thought. She’s eighteen. She’s with James Potter. You’re pregnant with twins. Had she ever been that beautiful, Alice wondered. Probably not. Alice had had confidence, and self-awareness, at an age when few people did, which made her attractive, but she hadn’t been naturally beautiful, as Lily was. Lily, in addition, had youth on her side.

    Alice was getting old, no matter how much she tried to deny it.

    “Frank proposed the other day,” she said, distantly, staring at Lily. Lily’s head shot up, a smile on her face, a smile which faded when she saw Alice’s expression.

    “I would say congratulations, but you don’t sound too happy.”

    “It’s a bad time.”

    “It’ll always be a bad time. Why wait?”

    Alice sighed. “I used to have so many reasons to wait. I didn’t like Frank not liking I was his senior. That no longer upsets him. He didn’t like my bluntness, I didn’t like him being so bloody political. That doesn’t matter anymore. He’s changed, and all for me, but I can’t--it’s difficult foreseeing whether you think you can spend the rest of your life with someone, when you’re used to only looking a few weeks ahead.”

    “Do you love him?” Lily asked, simply. Alice stared at her. She did have the most beautiful eyes, eyes that seemed capable of seeing the good in anyone. Even a woman nearly twenty years her senior, who was having lascivious thoughts about someone who was not her boyfriend. But, most of the time, she thought about Frank. Was that enough? They’d been together so many years. What if, one day, they just no longer loved each other? What if it all became too difficult?

    But that didn’t matter.

    “Yes,” Alice murmured. “So much.”

    Lily nodded, and placed her hand on Alice’s. Alice stared at it in surprise. Don’t make a fool over yourself, she thought to herself. But it was such an easy thing to do. To reach out and stroke Lily’s smooth pale skin, to run her hand through those red locks, to kiss her beautiful lips, was so, was too bloody easy.

    It was difficult, far more difficult, to love and to be loved. But she loved Frank and he loved her. That was what mattered.

    Alice smiled at Lily and squeezed her hand, before rising, and walking across the room to where Frank was playing Wizarding chess with Peter Pettigrew. She kissed her fiance’s cheek and whispered into his ear, “I do.”
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    Title: Secrets
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd, Cousin Pairing
    Author Note: This was surprisingly an easy plot to write

    Lily was snuggled up against Louis, reading a book while Louis played with her hair. He shifted, causing Lily to sit up and look at him.

    “What is it?” she asked, knowing that the shift wasn’t just to ease her weight.

    “Lily, we can’t keep keeping this a secret. It’s been six months, I really think it’s time that we told at least our parents what is going on.”

    “Why?” Lily asked. “People have secret relationships all the time.”

    “Yes, people who’re in relationships they shouldn’t be in.”

    “That’s not true; James and Emma were seeing each other for a year before they told anyone,” Lily replied. It appeared to be almost a plea.

    Louis sighed. “They didn’t tell anyone because it was casual and not even official to themselves. Once it became serious, they told people. Why are you so reluctant to tell anyone?”

    Lily stared down at her toes. “Because I don’t think I could handle the reactions. Our families have always been so close. I’m afraid this may tear the family apart.”

    Louis put his finger under her chin, and raised her face so her eyes looked into hers. “What we’re doing isn’t wrong. It may not be common, but it’s not uncommon, either. We’ve covered this many times. What does it matter who our family is as long as we like each other? But we cannot keep hiding, Lily.”

    Lily turned herself so her back was facing Louis. “Then why does it feel so wrong? If it’s not all that uncommon and we aren’t breaking any laws, why do I feel as if this relationship shouldn’t be happening?”

    Louis looked at her. “Are you saying that you don’t want this relationship to happen?”

    She spun around and looked at him, surprise written on her face. “No, of course I want this. You’re the only one who really makes me feel alive.” She walked towards him and ran her hands up his arms. “Louis, you can’t tell me that you never thought that this was weird.”

    He looked down at her and smiled. “All right, maybe a little, like at the beginning.”

    “Like that first time we really acknowledged what we felt? When we had gone walking in the orchard as it snowed?”

    Louis’ smile grew. “Yes, when I saw the snowflakes stick to your eyelashes. I had never noticed how blue your eyes were, or how your hair glints gold in the right light.”

    “And you kissed me, and I didn’t pull away. I didn’t pull away because I felt something. Even in the aftershock of the kiss, when we realised what we were doing, I never pulled away. So don’t think I’m leaving you now.”

    “Well, if you aren’t leaving me, then we have to tell your family.”

    Lily frowned and turned away again. “Way to ruin a perfect moment.”

    “Come on, Lily, what do we have to hide?”

    “Louis, I’m not ready.”

    “And when will you be ready, Lily? What’s the point of continuing this relationship if we don’t tell anyone. Are we just going to wait until I propose to tell everyone, because that will go over well. ‘Oh hey, Mum and Dad, Lily and I have been dating, and by the way, we’re getting married.’”

    “You’re kidding me right? Marriage, Louis? Why would that even matter at this point and time?”

    “Because Lily, I love you.”

    Lily turned around again, but she didn’t touch him. “What?”

    “I said I love you, Lily, and I want this relationship to work, but we can’t do that unless we tell someone.”

    Lily threw her arms around his neck. “I love you too, Louis.” And with that, she kissed him long and hard.

    They pulled away, slightly breathless. Lily smiled. “So, how about telling my parents about us.”

    Louis smiled, and pulled Lily in for another kiss.
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    :O I still can't believe I haven't posted here! Okay, each drabble, in order:

    PS. I Love You

    Awww, this was so sweet, and even though Teddy is dead, I still wanted to hug him. <3 And I loved his characterisation, particularly here:

    (Donít get your knickers in a twist, love. I didnít forget)

    P.S. I love you
    Just... aww.

    In the Heat of the Morning

    ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG. This was so effing gorgeous and beautiful and sexy even though it was only 3rd-5th years, lol. This SO does justice to my OTP

    To Love and To Be Loved

    Yay, this was the one pairing that I was most worried about because it's probably the rarest and I therefore didn't think anyone would write it for me, like, ever. But you, my dear mystery author, made it believable, bittersweet and fabulous, and what's sadder is that Alice never acted on her feelings, and she never got the chance to do so because of what happened with Bellatrix and then Lily got murdered. Poor them. But great drabble!


    Loulily is like, the OTPiest of my OTPs at the moment (along with Sherlock/John), so yay to someone writing this one for me Aw, this was so great. I liked that you addressed the whole issue about cousins being in love etc and didn't just skirt over it, but you also had that chemistry there between my favourite pair. Simply lovely!

    So thank you for such gorgeous drabbles I don't know what I've done to deserve four of them, but I'm not complaining, lol.

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