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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge: St. Mungos - Results

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    Name: Gonz
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: When a Werewolf Gets Carried Away
    Warnings: Character Death and a medical practice that many may find offensive.
    Words: 397
    A man was pacing by the bedside of his five year old son. A woman sat sobbing in a chair, holding her little boy’s hand. The boy was peacefully sleeping, unaware of the scratches on his face or his shoulder covered in bandages that hid the bite beneath them.

    This was the scene Healer Hippocratres Smythwyck saw when he walked into the Dai Llewelyn Ward early one spring morning.

    The man saw him enter and quickly walked over. “Healer Smythwyck, how’s my boy doing? Will he live? Can you cure him?”

    “Mr. Montgomery, your boy is doing well. He’s going to pull through, but he was bitten by a werewolf. I am afraid that there is no cure for lycanthropy.”

    Smythwyck remained silent while the ramifications of his words sunk in.

    “Are you sure there is nothing else you can do, Healer?” Mrs. Montgomery asked.

    “I can connect you with Werewolf Support Services. Also, if you can find someone to brew it, the Wolfsbane Potion will allow your son to retain his mind during the transformation, but other than that there is nothing more I can do.”

    “No,” cried Mr. Montgomery shaking his head. “That is not acceptable. I work in the Ministry of Magic and if people find out that my son is a werewolf I’ll loss my job. There must be something you can do.”

    Smythwyck privately sighed; for he knew that today would be a repeat of a scenario that he had that he had participated in too many times. “There is one other option,” he replied reluctantly.

    “What?” demanded Mr. Montgomery.

    “I can give your son a potion that will let him move on.” Then looking at Mrs. Montgomery he added, “It is peaceful, I promise that your son will feel no pain.”

    Mr. Montgomery wrapped his hands around his wife’s shoulders. “It is the kindest thing to do. Our son will never be able to survive in our world. Think of our two daughters, we must do what is best for them.”

    Unable to speak, Mrs. Montgomery only nodded her approval.

    Smythwyck reached his hand into his cloak and pulled out a small vial. As he walked toward the boy Mr. Montgomery stopped him.

    “Wait! What will you say happened?”

    Pouring the potion into the boy’s mouth, Smythwyck said, “It is unfortunate that these things happen when a werewolf gets carried away.”

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    Name: Loralie
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: My First Day
    Words: 487
    A/N: Trifolium is the scientific name for a clover.

    It’s my first day.
    My first day.
    I have waited for this for years. My first day as an official St. Mungos Healer.

    I walked up to the mannequin.
    “Althea Marvent. It’s, um, my first day. I’m, I’m a healer.”
    It nodded, and beckoned me in. I walked through the cool glass and into the busy waiting room. Looking around at the chaos, I half smiled. I was nervous, but I was determined to help people.

    I pulled a piece of paper out of the inner pocket of my brand new lime green healers robe to see where I was assigned today. I would be somewhere different each day this first week, and then I would be given a permanent position.

    “Third Floor, Potion and Plant Poisoning, Trifolium Ward.”

    I almost stopped, but my feet moved me forward and up the stairs automatically. My first day, and I’m with the potions and poisons? How cruel is that. Her death was the reason I became a healer, and they stick me in potions the first day?

    I walk into the all too familiar ward and immediately recognized him. The Healer in Charge of this ward was here then as well, but he’s obviously been promoted in the last few years. “Healer Craft? I’m Althea Marvent. I’m the new Healer assigned to you today.” As I introduce myself, and I see a glimmer of recognition in his eye. He can also see that I am shaking.
    “Althea? You were one of Calli’s friends, weren’t you?”
    “Yes, sir”
    “I imagine you’re not very happy to be here, huh?”
    “Yes and no, sir. I am excited to finally be considered a healer, but I was not expecting to be here my first day.”
    “I can certainly understand that. You have very unique circumstances, so why don’t you go sit down for a second and take a deep breath. You will be no good to me if you don’t get a handle on those emotions. We really don’t want your wand shaking right out of your hand.”

    I sat in a chair by the healer’s desk and breathed in deep. The normal smells and sounds of a hospital were strangely calming. I thought back to the last time I was in this ward. Calli was taking her last breaths, the rest of us crowded around her bed. The five of us had been together since our first day of school. Ravenclaws, dormmates, best friends. Nothing came between us, or so we thought. Apparently, we were wrong. We had graduated only 5 years before, and we were invincible. Apparently we were wrong about that too.

    I took another deep breath, and came back to the present. I needed to do this. I had worked so hard, because of Calli. I was not going to let myself fail now. Especially because of Calli.

    It's my first day.

    “Healer Craft? I think I’m ready now.”

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    First Place:

    Fake by atakrid

    Second Place:

    Never a Permanenet Resident by Sly Severus

    Third Place:

    Let him Fight by Kumydabookworm

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