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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge: St. Mungos - Results

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge: St. Mungos - Results

    As I said in the Question Corner thread,. the Scheme is going to go on this week, but we'll have a another one up anyway to keep the weekly system going

    Your topic this time is St. Mungos.

    Points will be awarded to winners as usual, 15, 10 and 5 respectively.

    Please use the following form:


    And have fun!

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    Just Beyond the Veil
    Name: Just Beyond the Veil
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Woes of Being a Dummy
    Warnings: None
    Words: 199

    As I watched the people shopping outside, a blonde woman tapped lightly on the glass of the run-down shop. She was holding the hand of a small girl, who had her face pressed against the pane comically. “Is this the entrance to St. Mungo’s?” the woman asked uncertainly.

    I nodded and beckoned them through, trying my best to smile at the young girl. I knew she must be visiting a sick relative, most likely her father. Unfortunately, my friendly gesture seemed to scare her. She screamed. Startled passersby gawked my way, but the woman and her daughter were already gone.

    I sat in the window for another uneventful few hours. As the crowds on the street started to thin, I caught snatches of conversations. I lived for this part of the day. Well, I would if I was actually alive. The gossip was few and far between, however, and the only interesting parts were the bits I heard every day: “I got this on sale for half price down the street.” “Those shoes are lovely, Agnes! Where did you find them?” “Look at that doll in the window. Isn’t that outfit absurd?”

    Oh, the woes of being a dummy.

    Name: Just Beyond the Veil
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Arthur’s Roommate
    Warnings: None
    Words: 219

    "Good morning! It's time for your medicine," the Healer says cheerfully, as if having nauseating potions poured down my throat is cause for celebration.

    He finally leaves, and I turn to look at the patient in the next bed. They must have brought him in during the night; he certainly wasn’t here yesterday. In the dim light of the room, I can tell that he is awake. Slowly, he sits up. His arm is in a sling.

    “Oh, hello!” he says. “My name is Arthur Weasley.”

    I spare him a nod. He seems to understand that I don’t want to be bothered and leaves me alone.

    That only lasts for a few hours, however, because he soon receives what must be a whole bus load of visitors. How lovely for him. I’ve been here for two weeks and nobody has bothered to visit me. He’s only been here for a few hours, and he already has the entire city of London at the edge of his bed.

    After much screaming by what must be his wife, they finally leave. I am at peace. That is, until the Healer returns for my second round of medicine.

    I wish it was full moon right now. I could try out my new sharp teeth and claws on him.

    I hate this place.

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    Sly Severus
    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Never a Permanent Resident
    Warnings: None
    Words: 253

    The room was drab, white and she hated it. No essence of color, light, or happiness could be seen. It smelled funny. She really hated it there. The little girl was quickly growing impatient as she sat alone in the awful room.

    She thought of the people down the hall. Those people, she knew, were there to stay. They were really sick. She felt bad for them. The thought of spending her life in the colorless world made her shiver.

    But that wasn’t her fate; she was just a little girl. She was healthy. She was just there to visit. Just there for her check-up. Her mother had promised that it would be quick. She had promised her ice cream as soon as the ordeal was over.

    She tried to think of the ice cream instead of the empty room—empty of light, decoration and feeling. The Healer had already seen her. Her parents would be talking to the Healer outside the door. It was almost over. Soon she would be able to put this place behind her, knowing that she would never be a permanent resident.

    Finally, the door swung opened and she saw the familiar face of her mother. Relief flooded the girl as she saw her smiling mother. The smile told her that everything was going to be okay. There was no assurance in the world like the assurance of a loving parent.

    “Come on, Alice,” her mother said, still smiling, “I think I owe you an ice cream.”

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    Name: Cwiddy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Hope
    Warnings: suggestion of Violence
    Words: 570

    The child cried out in terror and pain, but there was nothing she could do. They had to lock him in the room because he was transforming and would not be himself until the sun rose the next morning. Almost everything had been removed from the room, and his parents sat in the next room sobbing for the loss of their son, for they could see no chance in life for him now. In fact his father had almost killed him before she could intervene. She hoped that Nymphadora “Tonks” Lupin would come soon because Remus would not be able to come until morning himself, but sometimes seeing that a werewolf could have a normal life helped in these situations. The child was another victim to that monster Greyback, just like her friend had been.

    Ginny Potter had decided to go on to become a healer at St. Mungos after finishing at Hogwarts 3 years prior. She worked on the new children’s ward which was started not long after the war ended her 6th year a Hogwarts. So many children had been attacked that final year before Harry succeeded in finally ridding the world of Voldemort that a special section had been built to treat these children. Voldemort was not killed without a price, but Ginny couldn’t think about that right now. Greyback had escaped and though many attempts were made to capture or kill him, none had yet succeeded, and this child was another of his victims.

    There was screaming and pounding as if the child was fighting for escape, which she knew he was fighting for, because now he was a wild animal. In the morning she would be able to put salve on his scratches and try to bring this family back together. The child could live a normal life except at the full moon, but Wolfsbane Potion could assist with that. The research to find a cure for Lycothropy was ongoing, especially with the increased population from Greyback, especially of children. Pretty soon they would be able to open a school just for these children.

    Tonks came in glancing at the room, an infant strapped to her back. She gave Ginny a hug. “Where are the child’s parents?” she asked Ginny.

    Ginny indicated the room which Tonks quickly walked to and knocked. An hour later she came out and gave Ginny a small smile and nodded. She always looked drained and relieved after these encounters. But the peace of mind she had brought to dozens of parents since the war could not be repaid!

    “Thank you Tonks! I don’t know what I would do without you!” said Ginny. “They brought the child in this afternoon. They said he was bit at the last full moon, but they kept trying to deny it, but his mother was terrified and finally talked her husband into bringing him here today. They brought him too late to give the Wolfsbane,” sighed Ginny.

    “His mother was easy to convince that he could have a normal life. His father was more difficult, but he had gone to school with Remus. He recognized Remus in our son’s face smiled Tonks. “Sometimes it makes it easier when they know Remus,” said Tonks.

    “I hope someday we can cure Lycothropy, but at least until then, we can work together to provide hope to these families,” said Ginny.

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    Name: SnowyHedwig112
    Title: With Those Words
    Warnings: Implied Character Death
    Words: 524

    I hate St. Mungos. In fact, I hate all hospitals, Muggle and wizard alike. The Muggle ones smell of death and blood, and those poles called IV’s. St. Mungos smells of death and blood, too, but there are no IV’s. Instead, in every corner, every bedsheet, lurks the scent of Pepperup Potion, Calming Draught, and potions too complex and secretive to name.

    Hospitals have sounds, too, that can and will tear even Snape’s heart apart. Patients, moaning in pain; family, waiting, and permeating the loudest noises of all: stiff silence and uncontrollable sobs. Those are the noises my family is making.

    Dad is leaning against the wall, trying to hide his face. But I can see that his face is coated with a layer of tears, and more are streaming out of his eyes, and they may very well never stop.

    Mum isn’t the quiet sort. She’s hunched over on the sofa, sobs wracking her entire body. Mum was always a strong woman, standing up when everyone fell, lighting the candle in the darkness, but I’m afraid that those sobs, those expressions of emotion, will tear her apart and bring down the light of our family.

    Fleur is with Mum, perched awkwardly on the armrest, dry-eyed. But, she doesn’t need tears to show her fear and grief. Her eyes, so bleak, and her face, so drawn, show the pain that fills her because of one lousy werewolf.

    George, he’s hovering near the door, looking half-complete. That’s probably because Fred is behind that door, and that’s who George is waiting for. His face is dark, his eyes, once so full of mischievous twinkles, are full of only pain and anger now.

    Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, they’re all behind that door. Bill, fatally wounded from fighting Greyback. Charlie, four stunners in the back. Percy, a minute under the Cruciatus Curse. And Fred, a Cutting Curse across the chest.

    But not all the Weasley boys are behind that stupid door. Ron’s out here, with Hermione, of course. He’s holding and rocking her, while she cries into his chest. He’s rocking her gently and stroking her hair, while she buries her head in his chest, away from the world, away from the hospital and the pain.

    Damn it! I can’t look at them any more! Every time I look down the row of chairs, and see Ron holding Hermione, it kills me. Every time I look, my heart dies, because I could have someone to cry on. I could have someone to hold me and stroke my hair. That someone could be Harry. That someone could be Harry bloody Potter, who’s behind that stupid door with the rest of my brothers. But Harry, he had to run off and kill Voldemort, then land himself in the Emergency Ward at St. Mungos with four of my brothers.

    The door opens, and a Healer steps out. Everyone looks up. Mum, Dad, and Hermione stop crying.

    “Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, you’re boys will make it,” the Healer said in a carefully controlled voice. “Mr. Potter, though, I’m afraid he won’t…”

    With those words, my heart broke in half.

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    Name: phily
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Memories of that white room
    Warnings: Suggested mental disorder
    Words: 256

    The light was bright white and it was burning through my eyelids. I wished that someone would just draw the curtains and leave me in peace, for I could hear the man in the bed next to me. He was muttering to himself. He always did; day and night. I remember him well. He was there throughout my stay in the hospital and I'm sure he is still there, only now, someone else fills my bed.

    I can recall that particular morning so clearly, yet, it was many months ago. I slowly opened my eyes. It felt as if my eyelids had been stuck together overnight. As I shifted to get comfortable, (something that seemed ever impossible), I caught a glimpse of my surroundings.

    The sheer whiteness of the ward is ingrained upon my memory. The walls, the ceiling, the floor, the beds, even the bed sheets appeared impossibly white. I also noticed the other patients and to my surprise, I saw that, unlike me, they were quite clearly ill. Each seemed more distant and wandering than the last.

    That was when I panicked. I let out a cry and started to squirm in my bed. I had to get those abnormally white sheets off of me; I had to get away from that surreal place. A Healer noticed my distress and came to stop me. They wouldn't let me out, they wouldn't let me escape that white ward and yet... yet, here I am today, remembering that place as a distant memory from my past.

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    Name: Cheshlin
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Last Try
    Warnings: None
    Words: 395

    Healer Corby Burr looked down his ward and took in the activity there. In the corner, lots of red heads stood around a bed. On the bed, a red head around eighteen years old slept. A bushy haired girl with brown hair held his hand and made sure she kept her chair by his head. The famous Harry Potter who had finally vanquished Voldemort was also a frequent visitor, but security had to be raised when he was around, since people were always trying to bother him. All he wanted to do was visit his injured friend.

    Ron Weasley had been injured in the final battle, and no one had been able to help him thus far. They had no problems keeping him alive, but they couldn’t truly wake him up. Corby hoped that would change today. Today he had a new potion that he hoped would help. He had created it by going on the symptoms that Ron showed. The most obvious was delirium in which he seemed caught in a nightmare. Ron knew no one around him, and had no clue who or where he was.

    Corby walked down to the gathering. The sea of red heads opened to let him through. Hermione raised her brown eyes to meet his. She was the one who kept encouraging him to continue trying new things. Faith that Ron would get better shone through her, and kept the hope of everyone else alive. This family had already lost two sons. He would see that it didn’t loose another.

    Corby raised Ron’s head with some help from Ginny who hoped to be a Healer and was working an internship to start learning. Carefully he raised the steaming potion to Ron’s lips and slowly helped him drink. Then all they could do was wait to see what would happen

    A few hours later, a collective gasp came from the corner. Corby walked straight over. Ron had his eyes open, and finally seemed to recognize the people around him.

    “Hermione, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Ron croaked out in concern.

    “You have finally come back to us! I’m so happy.” Hermione fell across Ron and gave him a mighty hug.

    The entire family was smiling and Corby could tell the joyous feeling wouldn’t be gone anytime soon. He was glad he had given the problem one last try.

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    Title:Surprise, Surprise
    Words:602 (Is that too many? You can just round it down a little, right?)

    Unwritten rule of a wizarding war number sixty-seven: You don’t have to have your kids in St. Mungo’s. It’s just fine to have them in the nearest Muggle hospital.

    Among all the couples that frequently ignored this rule, the Weasleys had to be the worst. Having their first, second, fourth, and fifth--number four and five being born tonight--children here, when there was no end to the war in sight. They’re a sweet family and all, but really. Call me jealous of my own apparent infertility, but who needed that many kids? Each mini-Weasley turned out the same--boys with red hair and freckles. What where they trying to do? Keep having kids until one came out with green hair and purple eyes? I swear, if I have to deliver one more Weasley, I’m going to spontaneously combust.

    I heard a whimper and I looked down at the brown-eyed, freckled face on the verge of tears. Before I could lash out at the tiny boy, I regained my sense of who I was dealing with, and loosened my grip on him, the tightness of it the most probable reason for his quiet snivel. After staring blankly at me for a moment, he let out an unsympathetic wail.

    I growled before reluctantly cooing softly to him, in a desperate attempt to stop the wretched noise that was bringing about the stares of everyone else bustling through the crowded, white hallway. I glanced behind me, in search of the trainee I had been dragging around all day. The only reason that I cared she was with me being that she was carrying the little monster’s twin, following me on my venture to get some routine--and rather primitive--tests done on them. (I’ll admit, at this point, I was more than happy to stick a needle in those little pink feet.) As I caught sight of her, I turned back around, assured that I wouldn’t be held responsible for the loss of these miniature beasts.

    I glanced back down at the still wailing child in my arms, finally deciding to ignore him and keep going as quickly as I could until I reached the quiet sanctuary of an examination room.

    Power-walking now, I nearly dropped the tiny bundle I was holding when someone grabbed me by my arm. As I recognized who the arm belonged to, I was run into from behind by my trainee.

    “What do you want?” I asked irritably to the smiling face of my friend, Miranda.

    “I want to tell you something,” she beamed. How could someone look this happy at this hour, with a crying baby less than two feet away from her? This woman never ceases to amaze me.

    I nodded towards the baby, giving her a ‘What do I do with this?‘ look as people tried to shuffle around the clot we had formed in the hallway traffic. She rolled her eyes, and as if it where the most obvious answer in the world, plopped the baby into my bewildered trainee’s arms. The look on the new girl’s face was so confused as my best friend dragged me down the hall, it was comical.

    As she pulled me into a dark broom closet and shut the door, I had some rather strange ideas about her intentions, but as she turned on the light with her wand and pulled out a medical file, I found myself quite relived. Upon I realizing it was mine though, I found myself on pins and needles again, knowing she held the report of my yearly medical exam.

    “Congratulations, Mrs. Jordan,” she said officially.


    “You’re Pregnant!”
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    Name: ProfPosky
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Next Time, Tell Me
    Words: 486

    “I’ve got…business to attend to, dear. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, not exactly. If you need anything, you can floo Arthur.” He’d looked uncertain, standing over her dressed in old Muggle Clothing as if he was going undercover.

    “Four days, they think. You’ll have plenty of knitting time, here at home. You can even call your mum now I’ve got the phone line in.”

    He’d waved to her from the back garden, pantomiming “I love you” with elaborate gestures before he’d apparated.

    “He ought to be grateful I can’t apparate,” she thought, as she did her best not to drive holes in the stone floor of the St. Mungo’s hallway with her stiletto heels. “They all ought to be grateful. They wouldn’t have known me from a pack of Death Eaters if I could have gotten here any faster.”

    The place didn’t smell. These days most hospitals didn’t smell much, anyway. And if there was a crowd of people running after her, telling her in half hushed voices that she couldn’t go Down there, that it was Experimental Magic they were doing on him, and that they couldn’t be responsible…

    The door opened in and she flung it open, bouncing it against the wall, searching the line of beds for the familiar grizzled head. He was fourth down on the right, breathing well, she could see from his color, and possibly sleeping.

    “I could have been knitting here, right next to him. I could have been getting water from wherever you get the water from here, and watching him breathe and knowing he was alive.”

    She planted herself in the ridiculously hard chair next to the bed, opening the knitting bag he’d given her for Christmas. It had worsted weight wool in it today, in all the colors she liked. She’d start with a cushion. If she was going to be sitting here, she needed a cushion.

    She pulled out the afghan she’d brought from home, and the shawl, and the tuna fish sandwich wrapped in plain old aluminum foil because she didn’t want to have to leave him to get lunch, and a mug with a few teabags thrown in it - her evacuation kit.

    When she had herself settled, he murmered, his eyes still closed, “Is it safe to wake up now.?”

    “I’m not sure, Alastor. Tell me why, aside from the peril of the situation right now, I shouldn’t take this yarn and wrap it tightly around your neck,” she replied conversationally. “I didn’t care if the leg was there or not, you stupid man, and you got on well enough without it.”

    He opened the one eye. “True enough. But I didn’t have someone who loved me to protect then, did I?”

    She glared. “You’ll tell me next time, old man,” was all she got out before she collapsed upon him, crying with love, and with profound relief.

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    Title: Innocent Confusion
    Author: NikkiSue
    House: Slytherin
    Words: 496

    I’m scared, mum.
    I can hear you, but I can’t see you!

    Are the bad men gone yet? Their words scared me and they had a wand just like daddy has. Why were they so mad?
    Why are these bandages covering my eyes, mum?

    A strange man just made me drink some icky medicine and it’s making me sleepy. I hope I can see you when I wake up.
    I wish I had my teddy bear to hold
    “My daughter looks so helpless laying there, Healer Meyers. Why are her eyes covered?”

    “She was hit by a strong spell, ma’am. The bandages help protect her eyes from the harsh light until, we assume, everything heals.”

    “I know but...”

    “And I must remind you that she may never regain her sight after a trauma such as this. We must be prepared... Ah, here is the man in charge of her case. Do you have news, Bradley?”
    (later that day)
    Where are you, mum? It’s so quiet in here but I can still hear you whispering something.
    I wanted to talk to you but I think that medicine made me stay asleep for a long time.

    I’m not tired anymore - can I go home now? I feel much better. I’m not even hurting much anymore.

    Wait, why is that man giving me more medicine? Dad? Is that you? Wait! I want to see my daddy - please don’t make... me... fall... asleep... again...

    “I thought you people were supposed to HEAL! Why is my baby in that room, deteriorating as we speak?”

    “We understand your frustration, Mrs. Cooper. Please understand we are doing the best that we can, but her body looks to be rejecting all of our efforts. For whatever reason, all of her organs are shutting down.”
    The nice lady next to me just told me to hold onto my teddy bear and everything will be okay.
    Can I have ice cream when we leave?

    Wow. There are lots of people in here. Why can’t I talk to them?

    Can anyone hear me? If you can hear me, please tell the doctors to bring my dad back in here. The healers are saying big words and I don’t know what they mean.

    Why are some of them looking so sad?

    “You will go back in that room and fix whatever is wrong with my daughter. I will not take no for an answer.”

    Whoa, lights? Where did those lights come from? They are so warm and cozy.

    Wow, I can walk around this place and no one is stopping me.
    Wait, what is that barking sound?

    Ollie? But Ollie got sick last year and dad said he went up in the clouds.

    I’m sure if I am not gone long, I could go play with him for a few minutes. Mum and Dad won’t get too mad...


    “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Cooper. There was nothing we could do.”
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