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Thread: Monthly Drabble Challenges - 2006

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    Author Name: Vardy
    House: Gryffindor

    Title: Love Letters From an Unknown Lover
    Word length: 324
    Warnings: None

    Minerva stood in front of the stone gargoyle, wondering why she had come here. Had she gone barmy? She had been getting many gifts over the last week. First, it was flowers, and the next day, chocolates; and then it was tuna. And today…today she had walked into her office and there, on her desk, was an owl carrying a letter… a letter with her name on it in a slightly loopy writing she could not quite place. The letter had asked her to come here, and here she was. She was totally nuts for coming to meet someone she didn’t even know.

    Minerva paced the floor and walked in circles; triangles when she got tired of circles. And still nobody came.

    She really had gone barmy. She should just take herself to St. Mungo’s and be done with this whole mess. She was about to walk off and send them and owl when she heard a sigh. A sigh that sounded so dejected and sad that she couldn’t help but stop and listen to what came next.

    She heard someone talking to…someone from beyond the gargoyle. She gave the password and climbed up the stairs, wondering who she would meet. She came to the beautiful wooden door and leaned against it, trying to hear what would transpire. But the door must have been open because she fell right into the headmaster’s office.

    She hurriedly made to stand up, but someone was already there holding her hand, supporting her as she stood. She looked up into the brilliant blue eyes of Headmaster Dumbledore.

    “For a minute there, Minerva, I started doubting whether you would come.”

    “Oh…” For the first time in a long time, McGonagall was caught completely off her guard. “S- so it was you…” she stuttered, flabbergasted.

    “Yes, it was me,” Dumbledore replied, not at all fazed.

    “Thank you…but you know I like milk chocolate better than dark.”

    “Of course I know.”

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    Air Elemental
    Author Name: Air Elemental
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: A Catty Dream
    Word length: 187
    Warnings: none

    I apologise in advance for the naff ending.

    The corridors of Hogwarts were deadly silent, as they should be at midnight. The only sound came from the gentle patter of paws. A tiny shadow rose and shrank as it passed by a lamp, casting eerie darkness onto the walls. To Minerva, the darkness around her formed into visible shapes and furniture. Tonight, Minerva was on a mission.

    Something caught her eye. Slowly, she slinked along the floor and hid beside the tapestry on the far wall.

    It was her, striding along in that ridiculously frilly nightdress like she owned Hogwarts herself. There was no mistaking that ugly frog-face. Professor Umbridge!

    An idea formed in Minerva’s head. An idea that grew and grew until it threatened to make her brain swell. It was so temping, and she could always blame Mrs Norris for it.

    As soon as Umbridge’s plump pink foot stepped in reaching distance, Minerva pounced and dug her claws into –

    “Minerva!” she was being shaken awake. “Wake up, breakfast’s over.”

    “Oh,” Minerva uncurled her arms and rose her head up. Filius was shaking her awake.

    Pity, it had been such a satisfying dream too.

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    Author Name: little_kitty
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: From Silence to a New Discovery...
    Word length: 486
    Warnings: none

    Minerva McGonagall sat at her desk in her office, a pile of wrinkled parchment stacked in front of her. She sighed deeply and slowly turned around in her chair to light a slow-burning fire in the fireplace. She loved to listen to the low, gentle crackling of the burning embers; they helped to create a feeling of warmth in her empty office. If only Albus’ office were closer to hers… then she might not feel so lonely. But that was not the point.

    She turned back to face the slightly dishevelled stack of Transfiguration essays that were waiting to be marked. Honey-hued sunlight streamed in through the sparking glass pane that overlooked the Quidditch Pitch. Minerva unscrewed a bottle of ink, taking notice of the slight creaking sound that the cap made with the glass bottle. Every sound, every minute movement – she was aware of them all. Being a tabby cat Animagus, she certainly had sharp senses. Pulling out her quill, she turned her attention to the first sheet of parchment and began to read, filling her mind with her students’ thoughts and research on Cross-Species Switches.

    An hour, two hours passed by, and Minerva could only hear three sounds – the rhythmical ticking of the timepiece situated on top of the mantelpiece, the subtle popping of the glowing coals in her fireplace, and the scritch-scratch of her quill as she made corrections and scrawled grades on each essay.

    Suddenly, a loud whoosh sound came from her window, nearly causing her to jump out of her seat. All of her concentration had vanished. She could scarcely believe what she had just witnessed: Harry Potter, who was riding on a broomstick, had caught a Remembrall in mid-swerve. Oh, how he had broken school rules! Feeling moderately infuriated that a first-year Gryffindor student would disobey the rules so early on in the year, she began to walk outside onto the Quidditch Pitch, engaging in a mental argument with her conscience along the way. How dare Potter do something so dangerous? On one hand, she was relieved that he didn’t get hurt. But on the other hand, she couldn't ignore the fact that he did break the rules, and he deserved some form of punishment.

    As she continued to make her way outside, she realized that she had just witnessed the talent of a potential Seeker. Potter seemed to have inherited his father’s Quidditch talent. But would Dumbledore allow her to break the rule? Gryffindor hadn’t won the House Quidditch Cup since Charlie Weasley had been Seeker, and she didn’t want to bear the thought of having Slytherin win again...

    It was worth a try, she decided. He deserved a chance to prove himself. For once, she could do without issuing a detention. She only hoped that he really was that talented, or else she might have to change her mind about that punishment...

    Oh, how she would surprise Potter…

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    Author Name: lunar
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Two Days Was All It Took
    Word Length: 499
    Warnings: none

    In the early hours of the morning, Minerva McGonagall sat at her kitchen table, sipping cold tea. She held her fourth white china cup in shaking hands. The remains of her previous ones still littered the floor beneath her feet. Her black hair, which was normally pulled back in a tight bun, now fell in lank wisps around her tear stained face.

    On the table in front of her lay two copies of the Daily Prophet. The one on top was the fresher of the two, only published the previous morning. The front page was plastered with a large moving photograph. The picture was that of a street, or the remnants of one. It was mostly rubble; huge chunks of concrete littering the ground. In the centre of what had been the road, there was a huge crater. So deep did it go that it cracked the sewerage pipes beneath it, just as it cracked her heart. In the space of two days, she had lost three of her most beloved students.

    The picture below it was much worse. It was a small photograph of a young man, whose longish dark hair framed a handsome face. A normally smiling mouth leered at her, twisted into something between a taunting sneer and a disbelieving grin. Dark eyes held a maniacal, if not furious, glint. The face was one she hardly recognised, though she had seen it countless times.

    The second paper was a day older than the first. The front page also contained a photo. Fresh tears slid down Minerva’s face as she looked at it. The picture was cruel, crueller than the picture of the street where the massacre had occurred, crueller than the photo of the murderer. The photo showed three people. A father, a mother, a son. All gone, except for one. At least they would always be happy in this picture.

    Minerva smiled but a moment later had to stifle a sob, as a wave of sadness threatened to engulf her. No one could have stopped this from happening, not even Dumbledore. She should have tried. She should have realised what was going on. She looked at both papers again, merely glancing over the passages but several names stood out to her. Sirius Black. Peter Pettigrew. James and Lily Potter. Harry, their son. Nothing could excuse what Sirius had done. He had killed them. He could – no, would - have killed her too. Sirius. Sirius Black. Always so charming, always in trouble, but now he was a killer. Two days was all it took to change the world, seemingly. He was as good as dead to her now. But all Minerva could think was Why? Why did Sirius do it? Why did Lily and James trust him so? Why did Peter try to find him? No answers came.

    So Minerva McGonagall sat, terribly alone in her kitchen, wondering was her judge of character of her students so awful or was it that everything else was changing.

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    ms weasley
    Author Name: Ms Weasley
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: December
    Word Length: 266
    Warnings: None

    There are some moments in your life that make you. For some, they are bigger than others. Sometimes moments like this pass you by. Sometimes you don’t even realise. But if you have no way of knowing what will come next, how can you possibly live your life the way it is meant to be?

    Given a choice, maybe you make the wrong decision. And maybe you think that it is for the best. Maybe you tell yourself that life isn’t for doing what you want – it is for doing what you think is right. But sometimes, a decision made for the ‘right’ reasons, can be just about as ‘wrong’ as it gets.

    And the more you think about it, the more you start to wonder. Then the longer you leave it, the bigger your regret. Because you know that you have missed your chance. And it seems that there is no way back.

    Dear Ms. McGonagall,

    I am writing in regards to the matter of which we discussed in August.

    Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, our new Transfiguration teacher is unable to continue his post at the school. Therefore I would like to renew my offer to you – the position of Transfiguration teacher, and Head of Gryffindor House.

    If you would be willing to reconsider your decision, then please contact me as soon as is convenient to you, and we may discuss your new position.

    Respectfully yours,

    Albus Dumbledore

    But the truth is, your life will always run its course.

    And there is no way back. There is only the way forward.

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    Tittle: None
    length: 491
    Rating: pg
    House: Gryffindor

    “Transfiguration,” began Minerva McGonagall, “Is the art of turning one thing into another.” She waved her wand, and her desk turned into a squealing pig. The first years that nearly filled the many seats before her all laughed. She gave a small smile and turned the pig back. “Now, it will be a while before any of you can do that, but today we are going to try the most basic conversion that there is. We will be turning a toothpick into a pin.”

    Minerva McGonagall had not been herself since the incident last year. Everywhere she went, she was reminded of Dumbledore. Anytime she saw anyone with a grey beard, her heart gave a leap. Every time she saw a twinkle in the night sky, she was reminded of the one that was once in her best friends eye. She had not even been able to eat her Lemon pie during the feast, because it reminded her of lemon drops. But, after his funeral, she had not cried once.

    After much consideration, the board and teachers had decided to re- open Hogwarts. The problem had been, they could not find anyone to fill the transfiguration post, so she had to do it on top of her headmistress duties.

    Minerva McGonagall carried on with her lesson. As usual, no students could do the transformation. That was the point of the exercise, to show them how hard it was to do transfiguration.

    “You homework is to read the first chapter of you textbook. I expect a two inch summary. Class dismiss-“ there was a sudden knock on her door, and a man with blond hair and green robes stuck his head into the class.

    “Minerva, can I see you when you are done?” asked the man.

    “And do you think this is worth disrupting my class for?” she asked.

    “It’s about Dumbledore’s will. I am in charge of seeing to it that his affairs are all straightened out.”

    “Oh,” She said. “Class dismissed. Have a seat, Mr…”

    “Feto,” said Mr. Felto, pushing through the sea of first years. “First off, Mr. Dumbledore left clear instructions that you are to be the new leader, what ever that means.” Minerva new perfectly well what that meant… the order.

    “He also willed you one quarter of his money in Gringotts with vault number 26798, and this.” He pulled out a small vile from his pocket. In it was some sort of silvery mist… memory. “I am not sure what it is, but I guess he thought you would know. I have to go and see some of the other teachers and students, but I will be here the whole day if you need me.” Mr. Feto got up and left.

    McGonagall pulled off the cap from the vial and pulled out her wand. She dipped it in the vial and closed her eyes, listening and watching a memory only she could watch... Then she cried.

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    Dean Thomas
    Author Name: Dean Thomas
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Registration For Two
    Word Length: 499 (Every word taken...)
    Warnings: None

    The Improper Use of Magic Office’s waiting room was filled with impatient wizards and witches. It held relatively less people than over a decade ago when the Wizarding world had been plagued with the troubles of Grindelwald. At that time, almost every office of the Ministry had been ridden with concerned wizards that did not feel safe within their own homes. These days, however, were behind them and this room was now different .

    All those waiting would frequently tear themselves from chatting or from staring at the tall ceiling to look at a single brown door across from the entrance to the room. A middle-aged man was reading an article in the Prophet titled “Falcons Finish Arrows in Fifteen-Hour Thriller”, and was sitting alongside a little boy, whose straight brown hair had just changed from thick curls of black that contrasted with his large knobby nose that was formerly a thin crooked snout.

    The brown door creaked open and a stubby gopher-like man lead as an old wizard, likely in his seventies, followed behind him and looked down at the clipboard he was carrying, checking his list.

    “McGonagall, Minerva,” the man called.

    A woman, no older than thirty, rose from her seat and followed the man to the other side of the door. It was a large room that had nothing more than a couple chairs. The man took a seat in one of the chairs Minerva taking the other, as she glanced at a silver badge on his chest.

    Lester Goodstock
    Ministry Evaluator

    “’ere to register as an Animagus, correct?” he said, peering over his clipboard while scribbling rapidly with his quill.

    Minerva nodded adjusting her glasses on her face. She had held off coming to the Ministry to do this earlier, but now that she was to be a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry it needed to be done.

    “Go on,” he waved at her, “let’s see it, then.”

    Minerva nodded again, to show that she had understood, closed her eyes to concentrate and finally shrunk down on her seat into a grey tabby cat. Mr. Goodstock kept scrawling on his clipboard glancing up and down from Minerva and the parchment on which he was writing down his recordings. The cat was sitting rigidly, staring right at Mr. Goodstock, hardly taking the time to blink. She could hear him mumbling as he jotted his observances.

    “…tabby cat…square markings around eyes…All right, then. You’re free to leave. You’ll receive an owl in about two weeks to keep for your own records.”

    She turned back into the black-haired witch and left the room ready and prepared to take on her role of Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts School. She made her way out of the room, but not before hearing Mr. Goodstock call another name from his list.

    “Fletcher, Mundungus.”

    The wizard that was reading the Prophet stood up alongside who must have been his son, as Minerva passed them on her way to the door.

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    Author Name: garyf
    Title: The Transfiguration of I
    Word Length: 436
    Warnings: None

    A visibly exhausted Minerva McGonagall slumped down into one of the battered arm chairs by the roaring fire in the Gryffindor common room; her face badly contorted as she battled a mercilessly incessant pain throbbing in her head, but she was determined to continue; she simply had to.

    Easily the most talented Transfiguration student presently at Hogwarts Minerva had decided she would make a career from the magic she enjoyed and continually amazed her the more she studied; supported by her exceptionally talented professor, Albus Dumbledore, who had already taken a keen interest in her progress.

    Gazing across at the enormous pile of dusty leather-bound books on her table in the deserted common room, Minerva sighed as she contemplated her future and the task ahead. Having already decided her caree field, she not only wanted to be good, but be the very best she could be and that would involve work; a great deal of hard work; hours of mind-bending studying, incantations and solitude, probably more than her other subjects would ever demand of her at their own highest level.

    Removing her unconventionally square glasses to clean she went over her professor's magical words and demonstrations that had struck a warm, appealing chord inside of her during a discussion on advanced transfiguration; a level of magic that few students would ever go near in their lifetime, but a level she had to and would achieve.

    Just hours ago, she had watched in sheer amazement as the greying professor had flicked and swished his wand before him effortlessly, demonstrating just some of his ability before placing his wand deep into his crimson robe pockets and demonstrating wandless magic which left her astounded by his ability to continue to transfigure random items around the room.

    "I can become that good," she mouthed, trying to convince herself. "I'm good now; I can become great."

    Following that thought and deciding her break had lasted long enough Minerva left the relaxing warmth of the fireside, and with a spring in her step returned to her work in a far corner of the room. She looked at the notes she had made from her talk with Professor Dumbledore. Few people understand the complexities involved with advanced transfiguration; even fewer become Animagi – the ability to transform into an animal at will.

    A rare smile flashed across Minerva’s thin face.

    “I will become an Animagus!” she proudly announced as she excitedly blew the dust off a book Professor Dumbledore had recommended. In a dirty gold lettering the words The Transfiguration of I by danced before her small beady eyes, willing her to open the book.

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    Author name: ProfPosky
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: The Beast Within
    Word length: 442
    Warnings: none

    The air blowing in through the casement was half warm, half cool, and carried the scent of green things. She was standing, looking out on the grounds, breathing in the pleasure of spring and of being there, the place she most liked being in all the world.

    In a moment she decided, and began pulling off her robes, getting caught in them as they went flying over her head. It had been years. In a flash, she was her cat self, and streaking through the corridors of the castle.

    Out into the night and the delectable smell of nesting rodents, out through the grass that needed a bit of nibbling, stretching her muscles, transforming once more into woman as, without breaking stride, she dove into the lake and swam deeply underwater, till her chest expanded, till her lungs would burst. She surfaced with a splash, a whomp of delight, noisily, yet without words.

    Could she still get up the speed to surface, arcing, and dive back in, like a dolphin, like the back of the sea-serpent in the old muggle painting in the staff lounge? She could, she did, and silently surfacing again, she laughed. No, it was not a laugh; it was a roar from a lioness of Gryffindor.

    Sylphlike, fishlike, she dove and surfaced, dove and surfaced. Stretching out her arms she plowed through the water, only to dive, surface and dive again. Free, unencumbered, she lived these precious moments between responsibility and concern, between planning and worrying that no plan would ever be good enough. Woman, animal, animal woman; she was young again, young enough for innocence and fearless sleep and dreams of nothing more pressing than swimming the channel.

    She dove deeply. She had swum the channel, swum it and come up on the other side in a Europe sliding under the influence of Grindelwald, into all that that had meant. Diving, diving down until there was no air, until breathing was unthinkable and surfacing took all the energy she had, drove her thoughts away once more.

    Warm from exertion, still, she could not stay in the frigid lake forever. There was no one out there on the lawn. She walked proudly out of the water, as she had walked out of the water in France. There had been no witnesses. She swam for herself, always for herself, her secret pleasure, her hidden joy. Standing in the shadow of the beech tree she resumed her animagus form and stalked back to the castle, catching a moth on the way, holding it in her mouth, but not eating it. Fuzzy things, moths; she always needed a drink after them.

    Thanks to Joanna for my very first ever banner!

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    Author Name: sayiansirius
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Rendezvous
    Word length: 499
    Warnings: None

    Snow lightly drifted down from the starry sky and onto the darkened Hogwarts ground. The lights looked like golden, glittering gems decorating the castle, but one was noticeably dimmer and flickered ever so often.

    In her office, Minerva McGonagall sat on a rocking chair in front of the fireplace; a large, brown, leather book open in one hand and a mug of hot chocolate in the other. Her stern face was focused as she concentrated on the book. She took a sip out of her mug, placed it on a table, and flipped the page.

    At that instant, a loud knock woke her from her reverie. She sighed, closed the book, and carefully stood. She pulled her robes over her nightgown, walked to the door, and opened it carefully. A tall, handsome, boy with jet black, untidy, hair and square spectacles stood in the doorway.

    “James…why are you calling so late?” she asked sternly.

    “I am, after all, the head boy, Professor,” said James laughing. “Anyway, Professor Dumbledore wanted me to give this to you.” He passed her a note, bade goodbye, and went to join a red-haired girl at the end of the corridor.

    McGonagall closed her door and read the note, her cheeks slowly turning pink. Upon finishing, she smiled, and pulled out her wand. She tapped herself with her wand and a white gown appeared in place of her nightgown.

    Minutes later, she found herself knocking on Dumbledore’s door, her grey hair flowing down past her shoulders.

    “Come in,” said a voice behind the door. She slowly opened the door and stepped in. The room was dimly lit with candles which smelled of a very sweet elf-made wine. She looked around and saw Dumbledore sitting at a small round mahogany table, wearing a set of magnificent red robes.

    “Ah, my dear Minerva,” he said standing up and walking towards her. She raised her hand, which he took and kissed gently. “Glad you could make it.”

    “Anything for you, Albus,” she said sweetly and he walked her over to the table. He pulled out her chair and she sat down, blushing profusely. He sat across from her and smiled.

    “Wine?” he offered, taking out his wand and waving it across the table. Two wine glasses appeared.

    “Thank you, Albus,” she said smiling at him. She took a sip of her wine and when she brought the wine glass down, she saw him gazing at her intently. “Anything wrong?”

    “Nothing at all, my dear,” he said smiling. “You look absolutely magnificent tonight.”

    She smiled and as they looked into each other’s eyes, she noticed their faces drifting closer. They were a few inches apart when a loud knock broke them from their trance.

    Professor McGonagall jerked awake and looked around wildly. Another knock sounded on her office door. She stood up, placing her book and mug on her table, and opened the door. A tall boy with jet black hair stood on the other side smiling at her.

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