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Thread: Monthly Drabble Challenges - 2006

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    Name: Cheshlin
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Relief
    Words: 354

    Andromeda looked into the eyes of the toddler in front of her. The healers had finally figured out why her daughter’s eyes and hair kept changing color. Her daughter was an Animagi. Relief swept through her as she realized there was nothing wrong with her beautiful little girl.

    Ted walked over and wrapped his arms around both his girls. Andromeda saw relief in his eyes also. “Everything is ok, Andi! All our worry was for nothing. Our little girl just has some rare abilities. I am so thankful!”

    Little Nymphdora looked at her parents in confusion. Her hair turned blue and her eyes pink. She started making funny faces in an obvious show to make her parents laugh. They both looked at each other and broke out in full laughs.

    Gathering her daughter up off the exam table, Andromeda thanked the Healer and followed Ted from the room.

    “I guess we will just have to get used to a daughter that has a flare for outrageous hair colors. I hope she gets bored of changing her eyes to such bright colors. It just isn’t natural!” Andromeda hugged her daughter close before letting her down to walk.

    “She will definitely keep others guessing. Just imagine what your parents and sister’s would say to such a display. Sometimes I think we are better off since they won’t have anything to do with you. They would try to tame her dramatic flare, since it is not something your family would normally do. I think we should encourage it,” Ted said in a thoughtful manner.

    “Nymphadora will be a hit when she finally goes off to school. The other kids will be asking for all sorts of faces and colors. Knowing the way she likes to be the center of attention, she will show off every time,” answered Andromeda.

    “I’m sure she will. I just hope she grows out of the tripping stage. I know that she is still young, but she’s been walking for over a year and she still trips over her own feet all the time,” Ted laughed

    “I’m sure she will,” Andromeda laughed back.

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    Name: Cwiddy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: none
    Words: 551


    Andromeda Black sat at the window and sighed. It was New Years Eve and she should be down celebrating with the rest of her friends, but she just wasn’t sure about what the New Year was going to bring. She had been dating a muggleborn wizard named Ted Tonks for about a year, miraculously hiding it from her family. She had no idea how to broach the subject with her family. In fact, she knew it would hit them all like a load of bricks, and she may even be disowned for it, as much as her family despised muggles!

    She just couldn’t help it! He was so handsome and accepting of what he knew about her. He even knew that she wasn’t telling everything and always told her he loved “the magic about her” not realizing how true that sentiment actually was when describing her and her differences from all the other girls he had dated!

    She met him by accident when visiting London to do some shopping. She had gone just to explore the city and to see what all the commotion was about in her family when discussing the muggles and why they were despised so much. She had just graduated from Hogwarts and was trying to figure out what she wanted to do from there. That was when she’d ran into Ted Tonks, literally! He’d come running around the corner, his short spiked hair painted purple at the time. She vaguely remembered him from Hogwarts, but they had not really been in the same circles.

    Andromeda was brought back to the present by a knocking on the door. “Go away! I’m not in the mood for company!

    The door was pushed open. “Last time I looked it was your place and you were the hostess! Everyone is asking about you” stated Sirius as he came over and gave her a big hug. “I noticed you were missing. What is up Cuz? You’ve seemed distant all night, although I’m sure most people haven’t noticed. I’ve always been able to tell when something was wrong.”

    Andromeda broke down and told Sirius all about Ted.

    “Well, I can tell you one thing Andi, you’d better not tell anyone else in the family about him! I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t survive another day!”

    “You really think it would go over that well?” said Andromeda.

    “Yes, if you are serious about staying with him, you probably need to just disappear with him somewhere for a while. I think it is the only way you could have a chance with him. I could help you if you like” said Sirius.

    “Would you really? He asked me to marry him over Christmas, and I just didn’t know how to tell him about our family” exclaimed Andromeda.

    “I’ll do what I can to help you, for now, why don’t we go enjoy the party? Maybe invite him over right now to introduce him to your favorite cousin!” said Sirius with a wink.

    “I should have invited him, but was afraid of one of my sisters finding out about him. Think I’ll wait until I have time to sit down and explain the rest of the family to him,” said Andromeda as they went back down the stairs to the magical celebration taking place below.

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    Name: Chaser74
    Title: When Everything Was Golden
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Warnings: none
    Words: 446

    Andromeda Cassiopeia Tonks. That name has such a nice ring to it. Much better than Andromeda Cassiopeia Black. Black. What a harsh name—so severe! Nothing like me. No, Tonks definitely suits me more.

    Now that I am no longer a Black, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Gone is the pressure to be faultless, above it all, haughty, and beautiful. Pureblooded. Now, I’m free, and I have Ted to thank for it. He loved me when I had to be perfect, and I know he will feel the same now that I am liberated from the binds of my family.

    My heart still aches for Cissy, though. No matter how much she changes, becoming the perfect Black, and soon, the perfect Malfoy, I will always think of her as the little sister I comforted when the thunder roared outside her window, as the small girl whose angel hair I would put into plaits in the summer. Now, when she thinks of me, it will be in shame. But maybe, deep down, she still loves me. Maybe she remembers our childhood together fondly, when everything was golden.

    And Bella. I feel so sorry for her, for us. We never did get on—I always let her be. Now, I see the person she has become, and I feel terrible for not trying to stop it. I saw her change from the light-hearted girl that played dolls with Cissy and me, to this dark-souled Death Eater. I could have prevented it; I could have loved her more. I let her taunts and jeers get to me, and consequently pushed her away. Now, she is ruined. I know that she will always see me as a disgrace, as she has since I first met Ted. I’m sure her memories of when we were young are gone, a time in her life that is surely useless to her now. The permanent stain of her madness has tarnished that golden time we once shared.

    I look at the happiness I have found, and it mocks me, in a way. I am content with my husband and my daughter, but my sisters are not satisfied at all—with me, with themselves. However, I know that no matter how much we disagree, we shall always be sisters. I shall think back to our childhood, before Cissy was cold and distant, before Bella was dark and evil. I look at myself now and realize who I have become. And really, it isn’t that bad. Andromeda Cassiopeia Tonks: ignominy to the noble and most ancient house of Black, yet I am the only one that has found a golden time again.

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    Name: dragonwings
    Warnings: none
    Words: 498
    Summary: A series of letters from Andromeda to Tonks before Winter Holidays. Fun and pointless.

    Dear Darling, Dreadfully Clumsy, Dizzying Daughter,
    This is me, your mother, just writing to remind you that, yes! I am still alive and patiently awaiting your next owl, and no! You may not morph your hair purple! One more letter from McGonagall and your father is going to have a heart attack. That said, I would once again like to remind you that I am still alive and getting dreadfully bored of “the old bridge game” as you call it. I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you at Christmas.

    To My Taskmaster of a Mother,
    Homework stinks. Going to go study.

    Dear DEAD Daughter,
    Don't even try to think that you can fool me! I got the letter from Dumbledore last night. You are so dead I would advise buying a shovel to dig your own grave when you come home. I have to go, Narcissa’s at the door and she’s ready to faint from lack of wine, I presume.
    Love and Lots of Threats From,
    P.S. Hanging an actual Slytherin from the chandelier is much easier and much more entertaining than hanging your teacher’s underwear and desk, from a tree you know. More people can see it too.

    Dear Mum,
    How the heck was I supposed to get an actual Slytherin up there? And how do you even know?!? You have a lot of explaining to do.
    Now since my excess of reports have been written, and my unreasonable research projects are done I have more time to write to my poor mum. Teachers are evil; you can blame them for my absence. So now, I’d have to ask, what do you think of blue? I’m aiming for a punk-rocker, stay out of my way and life look. Just kidding, keep your wand in your pocket… Unlike Auntie Walburga, I like to think that you think that it's not acceptable to hex your children. Got to go, it’s a Hogsmeade weekend and I’m picking up someone’s Christmas gift!
    Love and Lots of Attention From,

    Dear Nymphadora,
    Very funny. Just for that, I’m going to drop by Hogsmeade to make sure you can't buy me those dreadful earmuffs I saw you circling in that catalog you left on the table before the term. Not very sneaky, dear. So if you see me in the village, don’t be surprised, it’s payback time and that’s all I’m saying.
    Now I’d also like the time to say, I actually do like it when your hair’s morphed. It’s cute and creative and I really don’t see why McGonagall hates it, but please have a little respect for your teachers! I just don’t get why you don’t like the name Nymphadora…
    Last, but not least, Sirius is coming over for Christmas and he’s been given the choice of crashing in your room. I hope you’re okay bunking with him actually, because the guest room is being remodeled and he’s been sleeping on James Potter's couch for way too long. That’s all the household news… See you at the Platform tomorrow sweetie.

    P.S. All I’m telling you about the Slytherin prank is that it involved glue, a Sleeping Draught, three different levitation charms and two llamas.

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    Name: POTCgirl1337
    House: Slytherin
    Warnings: None
    Words: 588


    To any normal person walking down the dark path of Grimmauld Street, the houses would have appeared to have gone from number 11 to number 13. Yet in-between those two silent houses, raged a party of pure excitement. No normal person would have seen this. But Andromeda Tonks was no normal person: she was a witch. And to her, there was a house in-between Number 11 and Number 13, and it was indeed called: Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

    The date was December 24, 1979: at 11:49 pm, 11 minutes before Christmas. The dark haired witch standing outside a spooky house, with jubilant colors flashing through the windows, was simply standing there amidst the screams of laughter and joy. Overall, the atmosphere of the house was quite welcoming; but Andromeda Black didn’t think so. She dreaded the thought of going up to the door, and ringing that snake shaped door bell and pounding on the door with a snake shaped knocker and actually talking to her family. Her husband, Ted Tonks, wanted to be there with her, but she told him to stay home, her family would probably rip him limb from limb if they ever saw him. In their opinion, anyone, who was muggle-born, was not worthy to date and marry their daughter. Actually, any muggle-born in general was not worthy of anything, particularly not living and participating in their world.

    So she sucked up some air, held her breath and marched up to the front door, before loosing it and crawling into a ball by a large plant, hoping to disappear forever. A few minutes later, after she had collected herself, she stood up, faced her fears and knocked on that door. After a few moments of absence, she considered running back home, but the door began to open. And too soon, her sister Bellatrix, appeared in the doorway and stopped.

    After looking her sister up a down a few times, eyes pausing on the diamond on her ring finger, she sniffed and glared at the younger ‘blood-traitor’. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?” she asked, in possibly her rudest voice manageable. “I don’t think that I would know a blood-traitor like you so obviously are.”

    “Come on Bella, don’t be like that.” Andromeda whispered. “It’s Christmas Eve! I just wanted to see my family today and bring them this gift.” She held the wrapped box out but all she got was a door slammed in the face. She felt tears welling up in her eyes, threatening to run madly down her cheeks, but she held them back. “You knew this would happen,” she told herself, “no point in getting worked up over something that you knew would happen.” but it still hurt, no one wanted to be rejected from their family, especially not on Christmas Eve.

    She turned to walk away, first leaving the package on the doorstep, miserably. She walked a ways down the street when she heard a strange noise, it sounded like a small girl-child complaining. Curious, she walked faster towards the noise, she turned the corner onto an adjoining street and stopped. The curiosity in her face left, her eyes softened and her mouth formed the seemingly impossible for that moment: a smile. Standing before her was her husband and three-year old daughter, Nymphadora.

    In that single moment, as she looked upon her purple-haired daughter, who was clutching the hand of her husband Ted, she realized something very important.

    All the family she needed was standing right in front of her.
    I'm really sorry I couldn't post this yesterday, I've been away from the computer for the past few days, and I really hope you will still accept it. If not, then I understand, and I still had fun writting it. Sorry again.

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    Aaaand finally, the winners are...


    First Place:

    Black till the End by kerhribar

    Second Place:

    Always a Black by Morwen

    Third Place:

    Realization by POTCgirl1337


    Not Tonight by solemnlyswear_x

    Well done, everyone, those were some lovely Andromeda Drabbles!

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