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Thread: Position of Authority?

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    Position of Authority?

    Ha ha ha...the title of this thread makes it sound a lot more complicated than it actually is...


    Was McGonagall still deputy headmistress during DH, or was it someone else?

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    I believe it was said in Deathly Hallows by Neville that the Carrows were deputies. I believe the line was something along the lines of "With Snape as headmaster and the Carrows as his deputies..." I could be wrong

    Using this thread for something slightly different but does anyone know what sort of authority figures there would be at Beauxbatons? I mean like prefects, head boy/girl.


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    I don't think deputies in that means deputy-head. It means it in the sense of they're his helpers, his seconds in his regime. I think that demoting McGonagall would alert ordinary people that something was wrong. That and Snape, really being the good guy, would want someone like her still in a postion of power so she could put her foot down over certain things.

    I'm not sure about what they'd have at Beauxbatons. Try researching a bit about French schools to see if they have anything like what you want. It makes sense that they would, thought. Perhaps not Head Boy and Girl, I think that's quite an English thing, but they might have prefects.

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