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Thread: A Dark Mood but Little Angst Post Hogwarts Fic

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    Lucien Moody

    A Dark Mood but Little Angst Post Hogwarts Fic

    I read Fan Fiction a while ago but sort of fell out of love with it. I was checking about two or three stories, waiting for updates and ignoring the rest, unable to find any I liked. However I recognised a name I remembered reading on the front page, Northumbrian. So I had a look at his page and came to Hunters and Prey. It is very good and seems, if this sensible, more human than other post Hogwarts fics I have read. I usually hate about reading about Harry after Hogwarts however he seems not to be "super Harry" merely "Harry". The rest of the characters all seem to be "real". Compared to the ones I have read seem to be "over-lovey" or angst to the max. If there are any ones of a smiliar vein, a more mature plot, developed world, no happy ever after for the characters and with a bit of disfunction I would love to be directed to them.

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    Hey there,

    I would recommend checking out welshdevondragon's author page (CLICK HERE for link). I'm a huge fan of the realism in her stories as opposed to the cliché happily-ever-after ending.

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    Her stories are very realistic and her view of life post- Hogwarts is very good. There are a few Trio stories but her speciality, for me, is minor characters.


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    Lucien Moody
    Thanks very much, I will do.
    And also Carole your "High" is one of the stories im constantly checking. It is really good.

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