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    What characters do you find over used in drabbles?
    Trio, Snape, Sirius

    Not used enough?
    Hogwarts Professors, and alot of the gray characters: Peter, Percy, Umbridge, Fudge. I personally love writing these characters because I find them more complex than the others.

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    This thread needs some revival! All right, let's start with a new TQ:

    Which of the following do you think is better in expressing feelings and reeling the reader in? First person, or third omnicient?

    I like either, and both are quite effective when writing drabbles, but I have to say that third person omnicient makes the story more personal and touching. When an author writes in third person, they generally include more people and what those people in turn are feeling. We, as the readers, suddenly have a greater understanding of the picture and what's going on. A lot of different emotions are thrown at us, and by putting one and one together, we feel closer to the drabble and therefore it captivates us better than writing in first person.

    First person is quite thrilling too, but it doesn't really give off the impression as third person omnicient does. First person just includes the feelings of one person, mostly, and their view on their surroundings. While reading the drabble, we follow only that person's thoughts and conflicts - and no one else's. At least not personally. In first person, we might get a glimpse at other people's emotions, but they wouldn't be as in depth as third person omnicient. Your thoughts?

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    Which of the following do you think is better in expressing feelings and reeling the reader in? First person, or third omnicient?

    They both have their advantages, though I tend to prefer third omniscient. First person allows you to see the character's feelings from their point of view, while third lets you see them more objectively. Also, with first person, you are limited to how the character would think and speak. A small child isn't going to tell things and describe their feelings in the same way that an old man would.

    I don't think one is better than the other, just different. I personally prefer third person when writing, but I've done first before. (I also think I'm better at third, which is why this week's challenge is...challenging me.)

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    point of view

    Which of the following do you think is better in expressing feelings and reeling the reader in? First person, or third omnicient?

    First person can be effective, and it works exceptionally well in drabbles. Third person omnicient is excellent where description is concerned, and allows the scene to be set very well.

    However, in drabbles, you need a lot of emotion in under 500 words. This is why I usually opt for a limited third person. I describe what is happening briefly, but I focus on the thoughts and reactions of one character. Drabbles are the most effective when they focus on one person and not a situation in general. I generally enjoy reading serious/angst drabbles because, in such a short span of words, quality writers can convey a lot of emotion.

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    Which of the following do you think is better in expressing feelings and reeling the reader in? First person, or third omnicient?
    I think third person is more effective and more difficult. Getting into the mind of a person when they have an external barrier is... challenging and exciting. It also gives us an opportunity for a great deal of description and expression, because in first person, the character couldn't very well describe himself/herself. Also, in first person, the feelings are like an open book. While this does draw in a reader, I think third person makes the character a bit more complex. The author is free to use a variety of tricks and provide a ground of description from which the readers themselves can gather the feelings and the thoughts.

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    I like third person omniscient because it allows you to describe their surroundings and does not limit you to only say/think what the character you are writing would. I love to describe, and usually the person displaying the emotion would not say, "The beat of my heart echoed across the room" or something. You need third person for that.

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    Third ominiscient is trickier, because you can easily get off track. As others have said, however, it usually inspires more reaction from the reader, and you can cover more ideas.

    I'm new to drabble-writing, so I'm not sure which one I use more. I like them both, and they're both great when used well.


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    Member of Gryffindor house looking for a member if a different house to write the new weekly drabble contest with! I have an idea of what we could do but it will be a partnership so we will discuss it. You can click on my authors page in my signature if want to see how I write. PM me if you are interested!

    Writer found!!! Woot! Ravenclaw and Gryffindor!

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    I love Severus Snape
    Since I'm not bold enough to PM someone to work with on this challenge, I figured I might as well request.

    I'm a Slytherin looking for a partner for the Weekly Drabble Challenge: Pairing Up. I would love to have found a partner preferably by July 1st. If you're interested, please PM me. Thanks!

    -- ILSS/Steph

    P.S. I'm not a vampire... I promise that I won't bite. =]

    [Edit] I've found a partner to work with!

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    Since everyone I talk to seems to be already partnered, or a Slythering (:P) I have resorted to a request. I'm a pretty new writer but you can read my drabble entry for Fantastic Beasts (2nd place) and Nevilles. I have a few ideas, though not many and I am always open to new ones. (I'm better at canon than at grammar, so I'll check yours if you'll check mine :P)


    P.S. I don't bite either.. not hard anyway..


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