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    Name: Cheshlin
    House: Slytherin
    Title: A Short Walk
    Rating/Warning: 1st-2nd/ none
    A/N: It is fun making Neville shine in what he was best at.

    Neville was on mission to collect a few plants for his Herbology class. It was amazing to him what he could find on just a quick, short walk through the edge of the forest. It was his goal to prove to his students just what was possible if you knew what to look for, even on a short walk. Ivy leaves caught his attention, and he plucked a few leaves and berries off the twinning plants.

    Next he found various species of moss which would be great to keep his young Mandrakes warm as the weather grew colder and icier.

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    Name: Ariana/lucca4
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Christmas at the Manor
    Rating/Warning:1st/2nd year

    The floors of the Manor were cold.

    Her husband – who barely touched her or even acknowledged her in the mornings after holding her tenderly at night behind closed bedroom doors – was colder still.

    He had spent hundreds of Galleons getting special ivy to grow in specific, intricate designs on the front façade of the Manor. She hated the stuff, but he never asked.

    So this, Narcissa thought, as her husband attended to ‘important matters’ in his study and expected her to sit put docilely while he did, is how I will be spending my first Christmas as a married woman.

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    Name: Maple
    Title: Love Like Ivy
    Rating/Warning:1st/2nd year/none

    “You know, it’s so sad to think that something so beautiful could be so destructive,” Mrs. Granger explained to a ten year old Hermione, as they had stopped to admire the ivy crawling up the wall of the house around the corner. “Such is life, I suppose.”

    Hermione didn’t quite understand what her mother was saying until years later, when her feelings for Ron had blossomed. The beautiful feelings pushed them apart, causing row after row, and it appeared that all that was going to happen was that their friendship would be ruined.

    Love is like ivy, beautiful, yet destructive.
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    Name: Soraya
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Ivies and Roses
    Rating/Warnings: cousin pairing
    Author's Note: Loulily appears to have become my OTP...


    Lily looked down at the ground: an ivy leaf covered with a cracked frosty sheen. Then she looked around and found another, and another, soon realising they were scattered everywhere amongst the blanket of snow in the graveyard. She raised her wand, conjuring a circlet of yellow roses.

    She reached out, taking hold of the hovering flowers; then, a sudden sound as someone materialised beside her.

    Silently, Lily held the wreath out in front of her; Louis grasped it, gloved fingers touched, and they placed it on the grave.

    Hands clasped, they watched the ivies grow on the roses.

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    Name: tobeornottobeagryffindor
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: His Ivy Heart
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years—None
    Author’s Notes: I know this is a poem, not a drabble, but The Barmaid said it was okay, hehe. If you know anything about my brainiverse, you will notice that this is part of the Albus/Scorpius/Rose love triangle I ship.

    It starts at the base and slowly creeps
    Up walls
    And bare expanses—
    Until nothing is left but the leaves.

    And as he watches them come together
    In law
    And in soul,
    Nothing is left but regret.

    His cousin and his friend have left him behind
    For love
    And to start
    A life with nothing to do with him.

    He loses himself to those leaves of change
    That creep
    And overpower
    That space where nothing begets more nothing.

    They dance their dance of souls in front of all
    In tune
    With each other,
    Feet treading sharply over his ivy heart.
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    Your Day 7 prompt is


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    Name: Kara
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Silver and Green
    Rating/Warning: 1st/2nd

    She had a tattoo that started on her ankle, silver and green. It snaked upwards around her endless leg, until it finally disappeared under the high hem of her skirt. Surely, it must be the holidays. Women like that were not exactly known to sit around in the Hog's Head for hours, sipping one Gillywater with Gin after the other. As my eyes dropped down to those incredible legs of hers again, I noticed that her tattoo wasn't a Slytherin snake at all - it was an ivy tendril. With a smile, I set down my glass. Merry Christmas indeed.

    Aaaand another one:

    Name: Kara
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Ivy
    Rating/Warning: 1st/2nd

    She has always been the woman of my dreams. Ivy. We met on a rainy Christmas Eve, and it is Christmas Eve now, some years later. I have found the biggest tree we can fit in our living room, and practised my illuminated bauble charms. She loves them so much, and I thought it would be a nice surprise. I didn't expect to come home and find her packing. She stands underneath the mistletoe in our doorway, but there is no kiss this time. There are two packed suitcases, and tears that shine in her eyes. And I don't understand.
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    Name: Alex
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Dad’s Scarf
    Rating/Warning: 1st-2nd/none
    A/N:* Dad and Mum are Ron and Hermione respectively, just in case you didn’t pick that up

    The first time I saw snow I ran out into the garden in giddy delight. Dad followed, laughing and wrapping his scarf around me to stop the cold from biting into my bones.

    The last time I saw snow, I’d just told Mum I was moving to America, and she’d got upset. I’d run into the garden, and was sitting under the tree, wanting to cry but knowing my tears would freeze on my cheeks.

    I was shivering, but then Dad joined me. He sat down, wrapped his scarf around me and said, “She’ll come round, Rose. Give her time.”
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    Name: Joy
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Blue and Bronze
    Rating/Warning: 1st-2nd Years/none
    A/N: Luna may be strange, but I don't doubt that she's very observant! Also, as my own personal challenge, I'm trying to take the first step to learn how to write UK English :]

    I always loved the idea of colours – their meanings and the way we define ourselves by them. My favourite scarf, a school staple, is the best example I have.

    Blue, an easy favourite of Ravenclaw, symbolises truth and stability. Daddy once told me that it was Mum’s favourite colour. It fits her – she was always a good mum.

    Then there’s bronze, a filler tone to balance out the bold. I felt that its understated nature was most like me – Luna Lovegood. I might be slightly odd alone, but when placed within the boldest of students, I am a perfect compliment.

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    Name: WeasleyMom
    House: Hufflepuff
    Rating/Warning: 1st-2nd Years/none
    A/N: This is James Sirius Potter, not the Marauder.

    A flash of red on the floor caught his eye and he knelt, folding the fabric into his hands as a sinking feeling took over in his chest.

    He approached the barman. “Did you see the girl who had this scarf?”

    “Dark, curly hair? Kind of moody-looking?”

    James felt a surge of anger at the latter description, but couldn’t deny its occasional truth. He simply nodded.

    “She waited around a while. You just missed her.”

    He glanced at his watch: he was only fifteen minutes late. She'd known he was coming… so why in the world would she have left?

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