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    Name: tobeornottobeagryffindor
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Forever Unalike
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years – Mention of Character Death
    Author’s Notes: Um…I got nothing, hehe.

    I despise candles. They flicker in an irritatingly irregular fashion and melt into the most hapless of puddles. I need illumination, not a mess. Bluebell flames or a simple lumos are more than sufficient and do not require a candle’s paltry offering of light.

    Lily loved candles, especially the scented ones. Cloying vanillas and fruits and flowers and musks…all of them pleased her. She said they reminded her of home and family. That is where we were forever unalike; I wish to remember neither.

    But I shall light one for her today, the day of her death.
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    Name: Alex/welshdevondragon
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Lighting Candles
    Rating/Warning:1st-2nd year/ none
    A/N:*Cassiopeia is a canon character, younger sister to Sirius’ grandfather, and Marius is her younger brother, who is eventually blasted off the Black Family Tree for being a Squib.

    Cassiopeia was half-asleep when she heard the sound of the knock on the door. She growled in annoyance.

    “It’s Marius,” said her brother’s nervous voice.

    Sighing, she picked her wand up, and walked across her moonlit room to the door, opening it to see her brother, shivering, and holding an unlit candle in his hands.

    “Sorry to wake you, but my candle went out and I was reading and last time I asked Pollux he got annoyed and so--”

    “It’s fine, Marius,” Cassiopeia said, tapping the candle with her wand and watching Marius’ excitement as it blazed into life.
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    Name: Maple
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love
    Rating/Warning:1st-2nd year/ none
    A/N: Candles remind me of Advent this time of year.

    Every year, the Evans used to light the Advent candles on Christmas Eve. It had been a few years since Lily had participated in the practise, but it felt necessary this year.

    She lit the first candle. “Here’s to the hope that someday Voldemort will be defeated.”

    She lit the second. “Here’s to the peace we hope for.”

    She lit the third. “To the joy that I have found in Harry and James in the midst of this war.”

    She finally reached the fourth. “And to the love that will save us, the only remaining light in this dark time.”
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    Name: Cheshlin
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Hope From Candles
    Rating/Warning: 1st/2nd year / none
    A/N: I love writing Tonks, I hope this works

    Tonks stood in the dark room feeling loneliness take her. Remus had still not returned after learning she was pregnant, and her father was running from the Death Eaters. The darkness filled her soul and not just the room.

    Then she felt a small movement from within. Maybe she wasn’t as alone as she felt. A small light flickered in the doorway, and her mother lit a candle with her wand. The light filled her sight and ignited hope and warmth in her heart. She had the baby and her mother. The candle had helped save her soul from despair.

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    Name: WeasleyMom
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Shadows
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years
    A/N: A missing moment from the graveyard in Godric's Hollow.

    The soft crunch of her shoes mingled with the voices outside the church. The snow flickered in the light from the stained glass windows, and Hermione imagined candles inside, throwing their shadows against the glass.

    Christmas Eve. The knowledge made her feel nostalgic, and she couldn’t keep her thoughts from him...

    She pushed forward deliberately in an effort to quell the lump in her throat. She glanced ahead at Harry’s back as the lights went out in the church, casting them deeper into darkness.

    And when she looked down again, it was there at her feet, dusted with snow: Potter.

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    Name: lucca4/Ariana
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: The Girl Who Wrote By Candlelight
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years

    You said you’d never be gone for long. You said you’d never leave me.

    I’ll always be able to find you, Marlene, you promised, with that half-smile half-frown you wore so well. You’re the only bloody witch in the neighbourhood mad enough to write by candlelight until five in the morning. And then you said you would read my stories when you came back.

    So I waited.

    Even when Alastor said you’d disappeared.

    Even when Dorcas told me the Benjy Fenwick we knew and loved was most certainly dead.

    I waited, and every night I lit a candle for you.

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    Name: iwannabeanauror
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Her Sorting
    Rating/Warning: 3-5 years, no warnings
    A/N: This just kind of came out of nowhere.

    Helena Ravenclaw was glowing pearly-white under the candles floating on the ceiling. She watched the new students being Sorted and thought of her own. 'These students have it easy,' she thought. 'Being Sorted by a hat and all. Why are they nervous? They don't have to worry about their mother deciding if they are good enough for her House.' Of course, Helena was accepted into Ravenclaw; but she would never forget the awful feeling of waiting for her House assignment. Was she not almost in Slytherin? Did she not, for a fleeting moment, not feel like a Ravenclaw?
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    Name: TheCursedQuill
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: The Dreaded Present
    Rating/Warning: 1st-2nd/none

    Anthony Goldstein is impatient. He’s waiting for the darn candle to be lit so he can get his last present. He asked for an astronomical model, a glass replica of the universe, and so far his luck has only brought him books for seven days. His feet are bouncing up and down, waiting, waiting.

    He watches as his mother lights the Menorah, the flame illuminating the tiny box on the floor. It’s a promising sized present… it could be what he wants.

    Finally his mother passes it to him. Alas, he holds up his new gift in the light; socks.

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    using rare and complicated words


    Opening early (ish)..... again

    Your Day 5 prompt is a Christmassy and Wintery one. YAY! You may need to do some research ... (google is your friend )

    Mulled Wine

    Refer to the rules here

    Thread will close on Monday 10pm GMT.

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    Name:Alex/not fulfilling her nickname
    Title: Mulled Wine Or Something Stronger
    Rating/Warning: 1st-2nd/ none

    Rose took another sip of mulled wine, wishing that a more alcoholic beverage was available. She suspected George might have something; since his divorce he could be relied upon to have a flask of whiskey on him somewhere.

    She should be enjoying the Potter christmas party. But, for the first time, Lily was with her boyfriend Scorpius bloody Malfoy. And though Rose would rather die than admit it, she’d always felt something for him, but never been willing to admit it to anyone.


    She finished her mulled wine, and went in search of her uncle.
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