Name: tobeornottobeagryffindor
House: Ravenclaw
Title: Forever Unalike
Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years – Mention of Character Death
Author’s Notes: Um…I got nothing, hehe.

I despise candles. They flicker in an irritatingly irregular fashion and melt into the most hapless of puddles. I need illumination, not a mess. Bluebell flames or a simple lumos are more than sufficient and do not require a candle’s paltry offering of light.

Lily loved candles, especially the scented ones. Cloying vanillas and fruits and flowers and musks…all of them pleased her. She said they reminded her of home and family. That is where we were forever unalike; I wish to remember neither.

But I shall light one for her today, the day of her death.