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Thread: Werewolf society

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    Werewolf society

    Lupin talked about how some werewolves have banded together under Fenrir Greyback in a sort of underground movement. I got the impression that they live together/near each other because they are forced to live on the fringes of society and could use each other for support.

    I was wondering how would they live like that? Would a group of werewolves live in an abandoned house / underground shelter? In the woods? Would most of them be unemployed? What kind of employment (if at all) would there be for werewolves? How do you imagine their organization would work?

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    My bet would be that their organization wouldn't be very organised. I unfortunately don't have the book with me, but I believe that Remus states that it was difficult getting the werewolves to side with him and believe him because he was very detectably human, raised in a normal society, and they could sense that about him. I don't believe they would be employed, seeing as they don't really trust normal wizards much it seems, and would be unwilling to do their bidding other than for Voldemort, who promised them power. And they wouldn't really need to be employed, Lupin said they live like savages, and he tells Harry how Greyback bites children young, raising them away from their parents. And also we know that some people die from werewolf attacks, so although it's absolutely revolting, perhaps they didn't need money because they, er, dined on humans?

    I also think I remember Remus saying they lived underground, though maybe he just said it was an underground movement and I took it literally? I'm not sure, but I think they would all live together, possibly in the woods like you mentioned.

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    Lupin says that they live underground, which may have been some shelter, and that's why he couldn't send Harry letters. Also, if Lupin couldn't get a job and was considered "civilised", and he sounds pretty educated to me, I can't imagine the others would even bother. Can you imagine Greyback applying for a job? Going up to the door? Scary thought. Lupin did also say they were savages who distanced themselves from him. I can see that they operated on some type of community without, you know, financial backing. Well, Greyback got compensation through snatching, and I don't know what that payment might be. I'm loving the dining comment above. That's dark. Wow. Organizatiion? Rather like the giants? Survival of the fittest? Definately check HBP for reference - 'A Frosty Christmas'.
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