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Thread: The Order of the Phoenix being reformed

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    The Order of the Phoenix being reformed

    I have a question about the Order being reformed. I know Dumbledore told Sirius to gather up the old crowd but didn't they still believe he was the mass murderer who betrayed his best friends and the Order itself?
    How would the 'old crowd' react when he told them that he didn't betray them and that Voldemort was back?
    How did Sirius feel about having to face all these people again, especially since he knew what they would be thinking about him?

    Any help welcome,

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    Hmmm... That's a good question. I always got the sense that Sirius wasn't doing anything in "Oder of the Phoenix". Maybe Dumbledore gave him a mission he knew Sirius couldn't accomplish just to keep him busy. No, that would've been too mean.
    Maybe Dumbledore wrote to all of the former Order members explaining the truth before Sirius went to meet them, but even then, I think they would still be suspicious.

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    Dumbledore told Sirius to lie low at Remus' place. He was to alert 'the old crowd' who were Arabella Figg and Mundungus Fletcher. It's possible that they already knew Sirius was innocent because Dumbledore might have told them, but if he had Remus vouching for him, then that would help.


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    I always assumed that Sirius would go to Lupin first, and then they'd either do it together, or Lupin would go alone and explain everything. That or more people were sympathetic to him than we thought, because I can't imagine he'd be able to turn up at anyone's door alone and expect an audience...
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