*gleefully munches samosa*

It's EID today, SPEWers! Haha, I know only Nadia and I celebrate it, but I think it's worth mentioning anyway I've enjoyed eating today so far, lolol. *tries to resurrect babble*


If you were a fruit/vegetable, what would you be?

A potato, of course! Purely because I <3 them so much -- I mean, you can do so much with potatoes. You can fry them, boil them, put them in curry, all sorts.

Most hated Olympic sport?

Ummm, I don't think I watched teh Olympics enough to say...

Favorite founder that didn't found your house?

Helgaaaaaa because of my Rowena/Helga She's just so loyal and sweet, at least in my head canon.

If you weren't in Ravenclaw, what would you be in?

Slytherin! I am actually very ebil. In fact, my brother recently told me that I'm one of teh most evil people on the planet -- just because I laughed at a tramp getting the door slammed in his face by his daughter on a soap opera, lolol.

Most recent bruise and how?

I don't have bruises, but I do have a lot of spots atm >.< The ones on my nose hurt the most. Ugh.

If you were making a Next Gen movie, who would you cast as a) Albus Potter, b) James Potter II, c) Scorpius Malfoy?

Albus Potter is definitely Logan Lerman, lol. Ummm, not sure about James Potter II as I've never written him... an older version of him could be Hugh Dancy, maybe. And Scorpius is definitely Alex Pettyfer, though I picture an older version of him as Simon Baker xD

New one: Rose Weasley

It used to be Linzey Cocker. But now it's Christina Hendricks. She has that whole byotch look that rather suits my portrayal of her, hehehe. Though she's also very pretty.


I picture her as looking similar to Adele Adkins. My Lily has a lot of insecurities regarding her weight, and she is a little chubby, so someone super-skinny certainly wouldn't do. But I do think Adele is gorgeous too. I hate how so many people say she's fat >.<

Young Sirius, James I and Remus?

A young Sirius would probably be Ben Barnes, but a Sirius in his late teens/twenties I would imagine to be Aiden Turner. James I is definitely Sam Claflin, and Remus... hmm. I'm not entirely sure. Maybe Jesse Spencer? But not as good-looking, haha. OH an older version of Remus could be a scruffy, gorgeous Chris Hemsworth.

New TQs:

Where would your ideal wedding be?

Where would you like your honeymoon to be?

Any important days coming up? (I have results day on Thursday... eeep)

Any movies you're dying to watch? (Mine would be Dark Knight Rises, which I will hopefully be watching tomorrow with my brother and sister )