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Thread: Para Bailar La Babble, Se Necesita una Cuarenta y Cinco!

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    Para Bailar La Babble, Se Necesita una Cuarenta y Cinco!

    Last babble left off with:

    ~Soraya and Deathlex admiring Alex's Cambridginess.
    ~Talk of travel.
    ~TQ: How did everyone cope with the forums and archives being down? Did you miss SPEW?
    ~Dinny announced her aspirations to become an engineer, much to the delight/awe of SPEW.
    ~Discussion on wanderlust vs being a homebody.
    ~Lily is nearly done with a shiny new fic!

    Babble on, SPEW!

    This chaptered fic contains one handsome Bill
    Who gives his readers a lustful thrill,
    It won Best General mere weeks ago,
    With its unbreakable curse and mysterious foe.
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