Hi there,
I had the craziest idea this morning as I was trolling some of my old stories. Every year we have a holiday challenge, but there is no way to find the older holiday stories after that unless the author has included holiday keywords in their summary. I started writing for the holiday challenge in 2006 (I know, I know!) but sadly, those stories will probably never get read again. Yet people might want to read a holiday story...if they had a quick way to find them.
What about adding an actual 'Holiday' category to the 'General' category? And then if we wanted, we could put holiday stories there - and not just winter holidays, but Halloween and April Fool's as well, since those tend to get their fair share of stories as well.
But then, some people might want their story in the category it belongs - ie, Marauder or Romance or whatever. So what about a holiday warning? It's not a warning, per se, but more of a tag, but then people could search the holiday warning and pull up all the stories with a holiday flair.
I would definitely go back and add it to my old stories, and I would probably use it as well, to find holiday stories from the past when I'm in the mood this season.
Just an idea - thanks for listening!