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Thread: SPEW Roll Call

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    SPEW Roll Call

    Since the other thread is filled to the brim with people who haven't been in SPEW for ages, I decided that a shiny new one is in order. Fill out the form below to let your fellow SPEWers know a bit more about you.

    PHP Code:
    [b]Name: [/b]
    b]Penname/Author's Page: [/b]
    [b]House: [/b]
    [b]Why You'
    re In SPEW: [/b]
    b]Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: [/b]
    [b]Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: [/b]
    [b]What You Do When You'
    re Not Online: [/b]
    b]What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: [/b]
    b]Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: [/b]
    b]Favourite Pairings/Characters: [/b]
    b]Favourite Story You've Written: [/b]
    [b]Three Random Things About Yourself: [/b] 
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    Name: Lily
    Penname/Author's Page: Padfoot11333 (MOST UNCREATIVE NAME EVER!) and here
    House: Hufflepuff
    Why You're In SPEW: I really like reviewing and I would feel really good if I got (and gave) a SPEW-worthy review.
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: Well, I'm not really sure since I'm new to SPEW but I would like to see more people like Alex said.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Suzanne Collins, Michael Crichton, Mary Doria Russell, Pseudonymous Bosch (he makes me laugh lol)
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Go to school, hang out with friends? I'm boring
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: I write all sorts but they're usually higher rated and dark? (Not D/A though)
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Like I say below, I'm not particular to the author as long as the story is written well, but I love Carole (Equinox Chick)'s writing and adore the story "Kickin' it at the Top" by Soap.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: I really like any pairing as long as it's written well, and I'm not a hater of any pairing. I like minor characters a lot, too, and characters we don't know much about.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Smoke and only has 2 reviews and only a couple reads, but I really like it.
    Three Random Things About Yourself: I'm horrible at math, I love the band The Script (yeahhh!!!) annddd I'm waiting for two stories to get approved (or not approved, whatever floats your boat) on the archives so I can put more in the queue.

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    Name: Mrs Soraya Potter-Kenzie-Jane-Holmes-Watson-Watson
    Penname/Author's Page: I cba to link it -- just click the I Write bit in my siggy
    House: Ravenclaw, woot!
    Why You're In SPEW: Because I love reviewing, and I love receiving reviews. And because the SPEWers and SPEW queen are so lovely!
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: More members, more SPEW!pimping, maybe? :P
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Gone With The Wind and ZOMG Moonlight Mile has got to be THE best book ever. The entire series is just... *flails*
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Cooking (I make a mean pasta and not too bad couscous), writing, reading, doing homework >.> revising.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Um, I haven't wrote something in aaaages. I write a bit of everything, really. There's fluff and D/A and romance. Nothing AU, though -- I can't have that.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: ToBeOr..., hestiajones, welshdevondragon, Equinox Chick, Gmariam, the opaleye, lucca4, MerrryD, WeasleyMom and many more.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Scorose, James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Teddy/Victoire. I also am married to James Potter Snr.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Blood and Roses because it was my first time writing blood and gore :P And it had some of my favourite pairings in it
    Three Random Things About Yourself: I need to leave for school in five minutes; my bedroom is a mess; I am married to one sort-of celebrity and five fictional characters -- Patrick Kenzie (Moonlight Mile), Patrick Jane (The Mentalist), Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock -- BBC), John Watson (Sherlock -- BBC), and Alex Watson (as in, Emma Watson's brother).
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    Name: Jess
    Penname/Author's Page: Same as this one, and author page be this way.
    House: Ravenclaw
    Why You're In SPEW: I was bullied by Hannah/Bob/coolh5000 to join after we had the recommend a fic activity in Fiction Junction a couple years ago. Haven't looked back, hehe. I STAY with SPEW because, as an author who has received over a thousand reviews over the course of 73 fics, I have seen every type of review there is. But none will have the power of a well-structured, polite, and thoughtful SPEW review. Good reviews helped shape the author I am now, and I want to give that gift back in whatever way I can.
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: More members seems the consensus, but it is an aspiration I share.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: ...I shouldn't ask questions I don't want to answer. Rather embarrassingly, not much. I read tabloids here and there on my breaks at work. But mostly, if I do read something, it tends to be a 'classic', but mostly out of guilt for not reading much.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: I played hockey for years until that became too expensive. So, now, I work and watch TV (mostly sports and crime shows). I must be the most boring person on the planet, lol.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Dark/Angst, rarepairs, plotty things
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: *deep breath* h_vic, Gmariam, the opaleye, hestiajones, Equinox Chick, lucca4, welshdevondragon, Weasley Mom, coolh5000... I know I'm forgetting people, so please don't maim me. I still love you!
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Harry, Katie, Oliver, Draco, Albus Severus, random Claws and Slytherins; Pairings: Katie/Oliver, Draco/Katie, Harry/Katie, Albus/Scorpius, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Lily (a bit), Charlie/Megan Jones (woot, I invented a shipppp), Oliver/Roxanne (and another oneeee)
    Favourite Story You've Written: In the Ashes. It's the most emotional one, and I wrote it as a gift to lovers of rarepairs. It was my fave before it won two QSQs, but that just seals it.
    Three Random Things About Yourself: I love Cherry Coke. I'm a pretentious git who uses UK English despite being American. I have never watched Glee.
    Jess WritesJess DrabblesJess DuelsJess PoetsJess Draws

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    Name: Ellie
    Penname/Author's Page: iLuna17
    House: Slytherin
    Why You're In SPEW: I really want to be able to write better reviews/ Lily (see five above) said it was amazing
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: Lily just told me I got in. . . I don't really know :/
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Percy Jackson/ The Hunger Games
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Violin (9 and a half years)/School/Cross Country/Track/Basketball/Musical/Choir/Two Orchestras
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Darkish and Angsty/Next Generation
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: The Vindication of James Potter/Lily and James: Their Story of Love/ All The Time in the World/Alex! (welshdevondragon)
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Rose/Scorpius, James/Lily, Al/OC, James II/OC, and Ron/Hermione
    Favourite Story You've Written: Hmmm. . . All That's Left or one I just started that's called Remember the Slytherins
    Three Random Things About Yourself: Hmm. . . I spout out random nonsense to my friends, like Lily I LOVE The Script, but also Boyce Avenue, Train, and a little bit of Maroon Five, and my favorite color is sparkles.
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    Name: Meg
    Penname/Author's Page: voilą
    House: Ravenclaw
    Why You're In SPEW: I'll give you three guesses!
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: More tips/feedback improving my reviews. I find the RAC comments very, very helpful, but I think having seeing more on strengths and weaknesses of actual reviews written by SPEW members , I know for me, help me improve my reviews.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material:
    - Harry Potter Series, by JK Rowling (obviously)
    - Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
    - Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontė
    - The Good Master, by Kate Serdey
    - Gone With The Wind, by Margaret Mitchell
    - 1984, by George Orwell
    - Animal Farm, by George Orwell
    - Assorted poetry by Emily Dickinson
    - Various non-fiction
    What You Do When You're Not Online: read, sleep, sew, ballet, math, etc…
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: I actually don't have much up. Honestly, I prefer analytical writing to writing fiction.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories:
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: I don't have a favorite character at this moment. I enjoy the ships Percy/Audrey, Viktor/Hermione, and various others.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Light (The only story (poem) I have up.)
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    - This is one of my least favorite introduction questions. It's rather difficult to think of three interesting random things about myself on the spot. Jess Edit: How is the fact that your family built a TARDIS not THE most fascinating thing on the planet? I'm *still* slightly jealous.
    - I spend my summers doing thirteen hour days of school-type work. (This is the reason I was on hiatus)
    - I'm interested in historical costuming, and spend a large amount of time sewing historic garments and on other sewing projects.

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    1. Name: Maple
    Penname/Author's Page:] Maple_and_PheonixFeather[/URL]
    House: Gryffindor
    Why You're In SPEW: Honestly, because I’ve wanted to be since I joined the boards. I think that it’s important to review, not only for the author, but yourself, as it helps you become more critical of your own work. Also, I needed to complete my group collection. Also, Dinny kept promoting it in the Gryffindor tower.
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: Well, as I just joined today (and I may or may not have planned applying on New Years Eve), I have no idea.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Bernard Cornwell, the Outlander Series, historical fiction, history textbooks, music books, the Bible, CS Lewis...the list goes on and on.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Play music, read, study for school, more music, hang out with my family, watch movies and tv series, sketch, work.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Honestly, I don’t really have a niche, though I appear to keep writing Harmony (40% of my stories are Harmony)...which is a pairing I don’t even support :/
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Soap, Subversa, Nyrussera, ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor, Equinox Chick, Gmariam, welshdevondragon, jenny b. My favourite story is Consequentially Yours.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Oliver Wood and Hermione. Pairings: Oliver/Hermione, Snape/Hermione, Fred/Hermione, Remus/Hermione, Sirius/Hermione, Hermione/Charlie, Ron/Luna, Fred/Luna, Oliver/Roxanne (Blame Jess)
    Favourite Story You've Written: Today is Victory Day. It’s the first time I felt really, really happy and proud about something I wrote. Also, I think that it has a good message.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. Music is my passion. I collect musical instruments, and my room is full of them. I always have at least three instruments out and put together sitting on my bed.
    2. While my natural singing voice is a soprano, I can sing the lower extreme end of a contralto.
    3. Even though I love history, the only history I am taking in school is of the music persuasion. Instead, I am a music major with minors in French and Geography.
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    Name: Helena
    Penname/Author's Page: goldensnidget92
    House: Ravenclaw
    Why You're In SPEW: Well, the lovely Soraya suggested I join, and I'm pleased she did! I find that both giving and receiving reviews improves my writing: receiving them gets outside, objective opinions, and writing them for others makes you look at your own work in a more critical way.
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: As I only jusy joined I have no firm ideas, but I'm just looking forward to improving my reviews and contributing to this great group!
    Favourite Non-HP Material: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, Atonement by Ian McEwan, A Room With a View by EM Forster and a large amount of fantasy fiction!
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Ballet (for the past 14 years, which is slightly scary), read an insane amount of books for my English course, eat Nutella, write, moan about essays, research for my Dissertation (and by this, I mean procrastinate...)
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Know For: Humour! By far the majority
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Is it bad that I don't think I have any specific favourite authors? I try and read as many different authors as possible, and I don't always remember who wrote what!! I do have favourite stories, though: The Latecomer by HalfASlug and We Never Left by Nightwitch87 are two off the top of my head.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: The ever-imaginative Ron/Hermione, and the slightly more obscure Helena Ravenclaw/The Bloody Baron. But I enjoy reading most pairings except Student/Teacher and Hermione/Draco. As for characters, definitely Fred and George, Teddy Lupin, and the really minor characters.
    Favourite Story You've Written: The Real Magic. It's the first chaptered one I actually completed (I usually stick to one-shots), and for once I addressed more serious emotions and themes, rather than making situations as awkward and ludicrous as possible.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. I used to want to be Peter Pan. Even though I'm a girl.
    2. I eat Nutella with a spoon. If you haven't guessed yet, I love Nutella. But who doesn't?
    3. I work part-time in a library and have therefore ordered the books on my bookshelf according to the Dewey Decimal System. I swear I don't have OCD!

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    Name: BP
    Penname/Author's Page: BrokenPromise
    House: Ravenclaw
    Why You're In SPEW: I’m guessing “It sounded like a laugh” isn’t an acceptable answer. Well then, I’d wanted to join since I joined the boards, but I was waiting until I got the necessary post count as I didn’t really know anyone. Then Soraya gave me a kick and I got some people to give me recs and now I’m here! I really want to improve my reviews as I know that I get a buzz from a getting a constructive review.
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: I’m too new to know, but there are challenges on occasion (like SPEW007), and I like challenges, so some fun ones of those.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Trudi Canavan. Jeffery Archer. I haven’t read much outside Fanfiction for far too long.
    What You Do When You're Not Online: There’s such thing as a life not online? Just joking. I play the viola, read, draw casually, and go to school when I’m not on holiday. I'm definitely a procrastinator too.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Reasonably short and not particularly good ones? Hopefully I'll change that, although I have a feeling the former will come before the latter.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: The usual suspects. Check my favourites and review pages. There's too many to list.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Tom Riddle and Luna(see avvie, characters, not shipped!!! Although that could be interesting – NOOOOOOOO! Plot bunny alert!), besides them, I adore minor characters.
    As for pairings, my shipping knows no bounds! If you look in my duelling thread (or actually even the sentence above) you’ll see something about Harry/Umbridge, which just shows off the extent of my madness…
    Favourite Story You've Written: Fragments, although Early November Morning has the most reads and reviews.
    Three Random Things About Yourself:
    1. I just looked on my author page and freaked out that two of my stories’ read counts show: 253 and 235. Because I believe in the significane of coincidence.
    2. My 5 WIPS are being drip-fed at the moment, after quite a long block. (I binge write.)
    3. I am a fan of cross-words, paradoxes, oxymorons and most things mildly mind-bending. And satire. <3
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    I can't believe I forgot about this *facepalm.* Anyway,

    Name: Nadia
    Penname/Author's Page: majestic_ginny (I absolutely detest my 14-year-old self for making up that ridiculous name)
    House: Huflepuff!
    Why You're In SPEW: I'd joined the boards around 4 yeards ago but a few months back I realized that I don't really do anything here. I love leaving reviews, and writing and all that, so I thought that since I get to do all that in SPEW I'd better join here. I really want to improve my writing and reviewing skills and help others be better writers as well .
    Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: Honestly, fun stuff . Stuff that are enjoyable and educational at the same time.
    Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Shakespeare, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, CS Lewis, Dan Brown, Reader's Digest, Bio textbooks, the newspaper, movie subtitles...
    What You Do When You're Not Online: Play with my cats, read, cook, procrastinate, make graphics, etc.
    What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: Dark/Angsty is my favourite to write, I guess.
    Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Alex/welshdevondragon, everything by Neil/Northumbrian, Soraya/xxbabewithbrainsxx, Pooja/Ginny Weasley Potter, Rediscovering Old Skills by Soap, The Accidental series by RubyEmeralds, and a million more.
    Favourite Pairings/Characters: Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Astoria or Draco/Hermione if it's well written. Characters: Draco, Sirius and Snape.
    Favourite Story You've Written: Flicker
    Three Random Things About Yourself: 1. My favourite subject is Biology; 2. I love cooking; 3. At the moment I have to write three stories - one one-shot and two chaptered fics, I have to make 3 banners and two pages for my yearbook, and have to study for a test on four chapters which is due tomorrow. And I'm procrastinating.


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