Name: Sophie
Penname/Author's Page: The owl
House: Hufflepuff!
Why You're In SPEW: Because I need the incentive to write more reviews and better reviews. Oh, and because the people here are absolutely fabulous.
Things You'd Like to See in SPEW: Um, it's pretty hard to say when I haven't been here 24 hours yet, but I'll go with more members, particularly more non-Ravenclaw members. It's not that I don't love you, Claws, but you do make up a surprisingly large proportion of the members list, and I reckon we need to balance things out a bit.
Favourite Non-HP Reading Material: Jane Austen, Charlotte (but not Emily) Bronte, Meg Rossoff, Markus Zusak, Dodie Smith, Terry Pratchet, Alice Walker, Zadie Smith... I could go on for hours.
What You Do When You're Not Online: Music stuff and school work mainly. I also draw on occasion.
What Kind Of Stories You Tend To Write/Be Known For: I haven't written all that much yet, but half of the stuff on my author's page is James/Lily fluff. I am starting to write more angst of late, but the fluff comes far more naturally.
Favourite MNFF Authors/Stories: Ach, too many. In no particular order, Acacia Carter, Equinox Chick, the opaleye, hestia jones, Weasley Mom, babewithbrains, welshdevondragon, northumbrian, Gmariam, our lovely SPEW Queen, and probably several others who I have temporarily forgotten.
Favourite Pairings/Characters: James/Lily is my OTP, but I also love Remus/Tonks, Remus/Sirius (blame Carole for those two), Neville/Harry (aka entirely Jamie's fault) and anything involving Sirius. Luna is currently one of my favourite characters, along with Dumbledore, Neville and the Marauders.
Favourite Story You've Written: There are things about them all that bug me, but I suppose that The Prefects' Bathroom is the most bearable of the lot.
Three Random Things About Yourself: 1) I am leaving to go on an oboe course in about an hour. I really should be doing some last minute packing right now, but I wanted to introduce myself before I left. 2) I have lately been realising how clueless I actually am when it comes to computers. AIM isn't supposed to be hard! 3) I am currently angsting over my subject choices for next year. I need to drop a subject or I will drop dead of exhaustion by the end of the first term, but I don't want to drop any of them. It's between French and English, both of which I love.