Okay first off let me apologize if this is not where this post is suppose to go. Ive looked all in the filing cabinets and can not find a post that helps me with the information I am looking for. Although my story is AU I want to keep as much canon information as possible.
Okay so here is what I need to know.
I know that the first appearance of the next gen. kids takes place 19 years later in 2017. At this time James has already attended Hogwarts, and Albus is entering his first year. Now from what I can find looking on here and the internet. it says that Albus was born between Sept 05-aug 06 which would make him between 10-11
It says that Lily was born between Sept 07- Aug 08 which would make her between 8 or 9
However I cant find any information on the date or age of James or what Year he would have been in. It seems to me that since Albus and Lily are close in age. that James and Albus would be close in age also.

Okay so now ive rambled on enough and Im losing the point. My story takes place in the month before Ginny finds out she is pregnant with James. So what I need is a suggestion as to the time frame of this.
How long after the battle would Harry and Ginny have married and How long after would she have found out she was pregnant with James.

I hope this all makes sense!