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Thread: Post Count in Poetry, Anyone?

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    Post Count in Poetry, Anyone?

    This has been brought up a few times there, but I just wanted to make a formal suggestion.

    (If this is the wrong place for it, please tell me and I'll leave )

    The Poetry, Anyone? forum has recently gotten a lot more active (thanks to you, Roxy), and every post there is constructive - I'd say 90% of the posts in that forum are critique on other people's poetry. And I was wondering if that made it worthy of actually increasing our post count? It's a bit like the Excerpts of Murtlap forum where, if I'm correct, the posts do count.

    This is a thought I've had since my newer days, when I actually did worry about post count and all those fun things. Just something to ponder. It doesn't really affect anything of anything.

    (This all sounded much more pertinent in my head. v_v)


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    I agree with Kate. The posts in Poetry Anyone? are only either critique or challenge submissions (with only very few exceptions) so making them count towords total post count is reasonable.=Sammy

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    I agree... some people (not me, unfortunately) put a lot of work in Poetry Anyone and post count, although a silly thing, can be a satisfying reward.

    And, it'd be just that bit more incentive for those crazy post-count competive freaks *coughlikeIusedtobecough*.


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    All three of you bring up very valid points. I'll put this on our to-discuss list with the moderators

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    To the point of post counts, I was also wondering if post counts could be added for Dean's Corner as well. I realize that a quite a few comments only say, "Cool! You're amazing! Please post more!", but recently, a lot of the thread members have been working to leave one another lengthly critiques in order to help one another in the pursuit of becoming better artists. And the artists themselves put a lot of time into their work. I know many of my drawings can end up taking hours, and more often, days.

    Just a suggestion.

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    ... Not to spam, but while we're on the topic of post counts, here, I was just curious as to why posts in the SBBC don't count. I'm not at all concerned with the number, but it is our job to provide fanfic with [at times rather lengthy] critique, so wouldn't that be helpful enough to warrant the post count? Again, I'm not as concerned with the post count as I am with the fact that posts in the SBBC don't show up when you click on the 'new posts' tab [and then I forget about my forum and don't realise that anyone's posted until days later, but that's my own fault >.<] ... Then again, there may not even be a correlation between the two, seeing as Poetry Anyone? posts show up when I click 'new posts'. Anyway, I was just wondering if there's any particular reason for that.

    Again, sorry for the spam. This isn't really a suggestion, which is why I didn't think it warranted its own thread.

    As for the Poetry, Anyone? and Dean's Corner, I think a post count would be nice. But I don't go in either of those threads, so I'll stay out of that.

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    I bet you guys didn't think we were still here, did you?


    I have a bit of an update for you. After a bit of a vote, we are allowing posts to count in the SBBC and SPEW.

    Hopefully that works for everyone . . . for the time being.

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to make MNFF the amazing forum that it is!


    The initial question is STILL on the table, just to be clear . . .
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