In one of my stories, an OC of mine writes a fictional biography of her ancestors Julius and Henry Rookwood, and their involvement in the English Civil War, and the subsequent Statute Of Secrecy. Now, I have studied the English Civil War at A-level and it was definitely one of the most interesting periods I have ever studied. So Iíd like to write about it.

However I need some help. Now, according to the lexicon The International Statute Of Secrecy was signed in 1689, and then established officially in 1692. However this is the international one, and therefore I think, if it suits the plot which I have only just started sketching out, make the national one earlier, to be closer to the aftermath of the Civil War, as this really is what Iím interested in.

I want the reason for the Statute to be something connected to the bloodshed and confusion of the Civil War, and the mess of Muggle and Magical politics.

This was my vague idea when I wrote it in the story. However according to hp wiki:

The Statute was introduced because of the widespread persecution of wizarding children by Muggles, the escalating attempts by Muggles to force witches and wizards to perform magic for Muggle ends, the escalating attempts by Muggles to force witches and wizards to teach them magic, the increasing numbers of witch-burning, the increasing numbers of Muggles being burned in mistake for witches, and the failure of Ministry of Magic Delegation to Muggle King and Queen (William and Mary) begging for protection under Muggle law.
This does...sort of mess up my theory. However on the wiki there is no citation for this, so if anyone can tell me where it comes from that would be great However I still think the Civil War can be an important part, whether I can work this in, or have to use an AU warning in order to do so-

But for this to work, I need to have a clear idea of how the Magical and Muggle political systems worked prior to the Civil War and how theyíd work after. Of course this would also involve religion, given that that was so much part of politics then.

So-a few questions- but if you any ideas then feel free to weigh in

Do you think the Muggle and Magical political systems were integrated, or co-existent and each autonomous? To what extent could they be integrated- as in would old wizard families be part of the gentry and pay tax etc as a Muggle lord at the time would, or would the Muggle system not know of their existence?

I suppose that does depend on how you see old families like the Malfoys feeling about Muggles/ Muggle-borns. Would it be too far of a stretch to say that the intensity of the racism varied across the centuries, but given thereís no huge upheaval in British society between Henry 8thís break with Rome and the Civil War I think it would be consistent between those dates.

What role would the King have in the Magical system? Would the Divine Right Of Kings be a concept in the Magical world? Would it be realistic for them to consider him the representative of God on Earth or not?

I have several other questions, but canít articulate them properly now. I will edit them in- at the moment Iím just anxious to get some more ideas/ see what other people think/ if anyone else has thought about how the two systems would interact before the war.

This of course influences how the two systems interact after the war, so once Iíve got a firm idea of the consensus/ any ideas others may have on that, then Iíll ask more questions

Thanks in advance-