If you'd like to change the title of your thread to reflect your current availability, please post a link to your thread, as well as what you'd like your thread title to read.

An example of this would be:

Jess - Available for All!

Uh-oh! Jess has three chaptered stories and a handful of one-shots to beta, so she can't take on any more assignments. She might have her thread title changed to:

Jess - Temporarily Unavailable

Disaster strikes! Jess has more exams than hours in the day and cannot take on beta assignments in the near future That would mean that:

Jess - Unavailable

Summertime = no more exams! Time to get back into the swing of things, so perhaps:

Jess - Amazingly Available

Changing the status of your thread is a good way for members to be able to find you if you would like some beta work, as well as a way to steer them away if you aren't and hate telling people you can't help them.

So, below, if you need your status changed, then post the link to your thread and the new title you need. I'll change it as soon as I can; when your post is deleted from this thread, then you'll know it's done.