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Thread: The 2011 Quicksilver Quill Awards - Results!

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    My heartfelt thanks to all the judges and mods who helped make this happen. I know how stressful it has been for a lot of you, so thank you for sticking to the task till the end. Thanks also to my fellow judges with whom I had fun discussions. It was a wonderful experience!

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    I'm still in a certain amount of happy shock over the results and am so pleased for all the winners.

    I really want to thank the lovely panel of judges I worked with who made this all a relatively unstressful process. The only stress was actually choosing, and I know we all had a hard time deciding. Ariana, it was a pleasure to work with you, and I am honoured to be sharing SSP with you.)

    Hannah/Bob - what can I say? You've worked incredibly hard to get this up and running and out on time (a few days leeway is so so forgiveable).

    Echoing Jess, thank you to everyone who sifted through all the stories (especially DA and General, where there were LOADS). You did a fantastic job.

    Julia - the banner is amazing. I love it so much. Heck, I swapped Tennant to wear it - ha ha.


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    Congratulations everyone! Well done to all the committee leaders as well, especially Hannah, and Julia for those amazing banners- I look forward to reading all the stories when I get the chance!

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    OMG, I can't believe I didn't see this before *is going blind... >.<*

    Comgratulations to all the winners and the judges! It's lovely to know that I'm surrounded by such talented, hardworking people! Kudos to you guys!
    ~ Pooja

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