As I do, I was sitting at my computer doing super important stuff (*scoff*), and a rather charming song came up on the shuffle, one I hadn't really listened to for a while. It was a song from the animated film Anastasia, called Once Upon a December. It's a song about Anastasia having subtle vestiges of memories in her head, but she can't quite place what they are or what they mean. My first thought: ooh, shiny!

Your challenge is to write a drabble about a canon character (major, minor, or interview canon . . . Just as long as the character is of JKR's making) who has a memory that is vague and they cannot quite place what it is or what it means. Whether you resolve it by having them realise what it is/what it means or if you leave them hanging and wondering is up to you. All I require is that there are enough bits and pieces for us as the reader to see what it could be, but it doesn't have to be blatant.

  • As usual, all drabbles must meet MNFF submission guidelines (no horrible grammar or OOCness or things that are forbidden — incest, bestiality, crossovers, etc; you know the rules) and be affixed with proper warnings.
  • They may not exceed 6th/7th Years and may not feature the following content: Non-Consensual Sex, Strong Profanity.
  • The length should be anywhere from 300-800 words; if you exceed the word count and don't wish to cut for length, you may submit your story to the archives and post a link upon approval. However, you will be subject to stricter submission guidelines, and the story must be validated before the end of the month; use caution if you choose this option.
  • Please use the following form when submitting your drabble:
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As with all regular monthly activities, all entry posts must be in before the end of the day on 30 November (US Pacific Time/GST -8). Happy drabbling!