Name: Joy
House: Ravenclaw
Title: Debt Repaid
Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years, none
Word Count: 466
Favourite Founder: Rowena Ravenclaw
A/N: I have wondered since DH came out what exactly made the Founder's items so special... And this was the perfect way for me to explain it! :]


“You must hide it well. No goblin will let this slip past without putting up a valiant fight.”

A creature, no more than half of the height of the man standing before him, ran his hand over the blade once more, admiring his handiwork. His every instinct told him to run away from the man, taking such a prize with him. Unfortunately for the creature, he was a goblin – a goblin whose life was indebted to the wizard standing before him.

“Thank you, Ragnuk,” the man replied, his fingers curling around the rubies at the hilt. “I will take care of it.”

The sound of a horse trotting by outside – most likely from the Muggle village down the road – faded in and out as it passed the little shack on the side of a hill. The two in the room fell quiet as they waited for all noise to cease. There could be enemies anywhere.

After the two were sure that they were once again alone, Ragnuk watched the wizard carefully pull a hat out of the pouch at his hip. The man quietly cast a spell on the hat that let him slip the sword easily inside. The goblin observed the name GRYFFINDOR disappear, letter by letter, between the folds of the tattered fabric.

“You are a very noble wizard,” the goblin added before the man turned to leave. “Not every man is willing to rescue a goblin from the reign of a fellow man.”

The man paused, locking his gaze with that of the goblin.

“The tension that Muggles feel towards those of magical blood are stronger than the forces that separate wizard from creature,” Gryffindor replied carefully, as not to rock the delicate balance of their relationship. “We must set aside our boundaries if we want to preserve the magical world.”

Silence grew between the two.

Words of peace aside, Ragnuk knew this man still did not trust him. No matter, the feeling was mutual. A goblin was not made to rely on a wizard. However, he knew that his debt would never be truly paid until he provided the dueler with compensation for such bravery. A goblin does not leave debts unpaid – Ragnuk was no exception.

“Well, then, good luck, fellow warrior,” Ragnuk bowed his head slightly, one eye still on the pouch. “Take care of my work.”

Godric Gryffindor smiled, “I will. Only those truly worthy of the price it took to receive this shall be able to acquire its power.”

With those words, uttered in such concrete confidence, the young man strode out of the shack. A few mutterings later, and his frame disappeared into the sunlight streaming through the door.

Only time would tell if the wizard that had saved Ragnuk’s life would actually hold true to his assurance.