As you'd have to live in a cave somewhere in no man's land not to recognise, Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, shall fall upon us as the month wanes. It is a time of demons, spirits, ghouls, and all sorts of fearsome creatures. And, as anyone who loves horror movies can attest, sometimes, being scared can often be rewarding. Oh, what funnnnn. With this, I ask you to…

Name the character/creature/phenomenon/form of magic/etc from the Potterverse that you find to be the most fearsome and tell us what makes said person/object/whatever something that leaves you shaking in your shoes.

As always, ask and answer one TQ, but this time, make your TQ relevant to the character you've named.

With that, I'll start.

Inferi. Is it wrong to say that I hate them because they look gross? When the Inferi touched Harry in the cavern, I shuddered, because their slimy dead!hands...ugh. Also, it has the potential to be the one thing that would make me afraid to die, the idea of someone actually being able to control my remains like a puppet. It's worse than the Imperius because you cannot fight it.

How big a part does the concept of death play in your feared thing?