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Thread: Hunger Games Crossover Fic!

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    Cool Hunger Games Crossover Fic!


    I have just read the Hunger Games series after reading a drabble (I read in SPEW) and I now love it. So naturally I connected it to Harry Potter. . . .

    Would it be possible for them to even have something of the sort?

    Probs. It could either be a Next Generation (evil guy or Hermione [random] could take over and to show the people how powerless they are random kids could be picked to fight to the death)

    Or. . .

    Voldemort won. Wizarding World= powerless to him and his army. He realizes he shouldn't kill the muggleborns or his enemies, but watch them kill each other for his own amusement. Therefore, the hunger games.

    The Possible Cast (if Next. Gen)

    Lead Boy who was reaped from a certain distract: Albus or Scorpius (if you want a Scorose) Also could pit cousins against each other. . .

    Lead Girl who was reaped from the same distract: OC if you want romance or Rose (works for both)

    Evil Guy: Voldemort or Former Death Eater or war hero gone bad

    The Purpose: (An idea- basically recap of the first book) The country could be divided into districts like in the series. (Could be America if you wanted) Then, 24 people between 12-18 (or however you like), (a boy and girl from each district) are chosen to compete in televised games. In these games you throw these children into a huge arena (I imagine around 10 miles) where they have to kill each other to win. At the beginning there are supplies you can fight for. Usually half die trying to get those supplies. Then they spread out, form alliences, and try not to be killed. Sponsors, or people who want them to win, can send a gift to one of the competitors.


    This would be a really cool fan fic. Would be a commitment, as it would need to be chaptered, but if you loved the series as much as I did, it would be ah-mazing.
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    MNFF does not accept crossover fics so this story would break submission rules. Since the forums are targeted at providing help/support for those writing fanfiction for the archive, this thread is not appropriate and is now locked.

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