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Thread: READ ME FIRST - All you need to know - The New Members Guide to the Forums

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    Videomaker's Association

    Hidden in the Room of Requirement, the Videomaker's Assocation is a group of dedicated authors who are skilled with editing and have an eye for film. These talented individuals create trialers for authors as a way for them to promote their fan fiction.

    You can request a trailer from the VMA members. They will create trailers for both chaptered stories and one-shots. As long as it is published on MNFF, they will make it.

    So why not give it a shot? Need a way to promote your story? Or just want a really cool trailer? Well the VMA is for you.

    To check it out, follow this link.

    For more information, contact thegirllikeme.
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    Banner by KC

    Poetry Anyone?

    Whether you are an aspiring poet, an experienced one or just an enthusiast who enjoys poetry, this is the perfect group for you.

    Poetry Anyone? is currently mommied by Roxy Black (Rosie) and is the perfect place to learn more about poems, sonnets, haikus and poetry in general. It is also a great place to give and get feedback on your own works and make a whole bunch of new friends who enjoy poetry as much as you do.

    This merry band of poets meets in the Great Hall, and if you wish to join, you simply submit a request through your “User CP”. There no hard and fast rules about joining (though I do suggest you check out the rules in the specified forum here). You just have to enjoy poetry, be helpful, cheerful and friendly - and you will settle in nicely.

    If you would like to learn more, please follow the link I have provided above or PM me, any other member of the Navy or any Moderator, and they will only be too happy to help.=Sammy

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    The BannerMaker’s Association

    The BannerMaker’s Association (or BA for short) is

    “A place for graphic artists to discuss the finer points of story banners and fanfiction art. This is also the place where users can go to find the perfect banner for their story.”

    Basically, the BA is where you can get and make those prettiful banners and avatars that people have advertising their story or other things.

    The BA itself accepts only the better designers- for information on joining the BA, please click here.

    However, people not in the BA can make threads in the Knockpixel Alley section.

    Both the BA and Knockpixel Alley are here, under the Burrow:

    Knockpixel Alley

    Knockpixel Alley is further divided into Banner Requests and Banner Display. Banner Requests is where anyone can make a thread, requesting for a banner/avvie. Bannermakers respond to these threads if they want to make the banner/avvie. Banner

    Banner Display is where people who are not in the BA can make threads. Other people can respond to these threads, requesting banners.

    The BA Headquarters

    The BA Headquarters is divided into ‘BA Members Only’, ‘The BannerMakers’, and ‘The S’more Resting Place’

    BA Members Only is where challenges, chat threads, and other such threads are posted.

    The BannerMakers is where each member of the BA has a thread to himself which people can reply to with banner requests.

    The S’more Resting Place is where old threads are stored.

    Other threads of importance:

    Please PM Avery (YourWildestDreams), Sara (MissBean), or Roop (nysuperstarz) any queries, as they are the current heads of the BA. Alternatively, you can PM me.


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