Name: Lily
House: Hufflepuffle
Title: Thats Not Enough
Ratings/Warnings: implied character death? 3rd through 5th years
A/N: Thank you for a lovely challenge, barmaids. I had a lot of fun with it.
Also Abby is a character I just made up to be pals with Dennis Creevey

Were ready to let it go, Abby said firmly to Dennis, stroking his hair. Its the last day of 1998. We can let You-Know-Who just be dead, cant we?

Yeah, Dennis said. Thats not what I have a problem with, Abby. I have a problem with letting Colin be dead.

Do you know, Mrs Weasley said softly, how much I miss Fred?

Not bloody half as much as I miss him, George said angrily. Do you know what its like to have a missing half? Youve always had Dad, theres always someone there

You have Angelina

Thats not enough.