Name: Lily
House: That, not Ravenclaw, and not Gryffindor...oh yeah! Hufflepuff!
R/W: Profanity, 1st-2nd years
Title: Full House
A/N: Do you believe me when I say I don't even normally write Ron? And yes, this is me, sort of making fun of the movie Ron who always is saying a certain swearword...

“I hate Christmas,” Ron said, throwing his socks down on the bed. “I bloody hate it. There’s always people. Lots and lots of bloody people. They fill the house all the bloody way. I have to share a room with you, and with George, and...I hate Christmas.”

“You don’t hate Christmas,” said Harry reasonably. “Christmas gives presents, and firewhisky, both of which you like.”

“You’re right,” Ron sighed. “I just hate all the relatives that come. I mean, do Mum and Dad have to invite Aunt Muriel? What good is she going to do? She never gives good gifts anyway.”