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    using rare and complicated words
    Weasley Mom – Other Mothers <4,1>
    ToBeOr – Brother Mine <3,0>
    Theo Paleye – What Remus Said <8,1>
    TM Wandstick – the End of Sisterhood <0,2>
    Karaley Dargen – We Grew Apart <2,2>
    Coolh5000 – Truth At Last <1,2>
    JK Salmeier – Sneaking Around <0,10>

    Once again it’s a Slytherin win! How are they doing this? Parseltongue? Well, done Julia. Take five points for the House of Snakes and the knowledge that we’re all as envious as sin.

    And a squish for Jae who will be leaving us this week. Take five well-earned participation points for the Lions, my dear.

    With indecent haste, I bring you the new prompt.

    Prompt 6

    RAREPAIRS - with a twist.

    Below is a list of characters. I would like you to pair two of them up and write a wondrous drabble using the lyrics from Somewhere in My Heart by Aztec Camera as your inspiration. I have printed the specific lyrics (part of a verse and the chorus) below as a guide.

    This is NOT a song fic. Do not use the lyrics in the drabble. They are for inspiration only.

    Lee Jordan
    Michael Corner
    Draco Malfoy
    Hannah Abbott
    Astoria Greengrass
    Demelza Robins

    NB: you are allowed to write SSP.

    There is, as you’ve probably already seen, a canon couple on here. You are NOT allowed to write Draco/Astoria – got that!

    Who cares what people say
    We walk down love's motorway

    Ambition and love wearing boxing gloves
    And singing hearts and flowers

    Somewhere in my heart
    There is a star that shines for you
    Silver splits the blue
    Love will see it through
    And somewhere in my heart
    There is the will to set you free
    All you've got to be is true
    Use this form below:
    PHP Code:
    All drabbles need to be sent to me by Thursday 13th October 8pm BST. Also, the poll will be open for longer this week because your barmaid has come over all Jane Austen and will be in Bath for the weekend looking for Captain Wentworth.
    Should I find him, I doubt I’ll return.

    Seriously, I’m not sure when I’ll be back but the results should be up Sunday evening BST (Julia, this means you should go to bed. Jess this means you shouldn’t stay up.)

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