Well, let's get going then

Your prompt for this week is

The Sorting Hat

Yup, that's it.

Well, not quite.

You need to write a character's Sorting, but it has to be one we haven't read, or heard about afterwards. (This includes any information you may have heard on Pottermore). Therefore I am excluding not only Harry Potter (naturally), but Hermione, Neville and Professor McGonagall.
The Hat needs to speak to your character, so we need reasons why the person is Sorted into that house.
Lastly, you must choose a character whose house is known. You may believe that Rita Skeeter can only be a Hufflepuff because she's so kind and loving, loyal and true, but we don't know that so don't write her.

PM me (Equinox Chick) your drabbles. And use this form.

PHP Code:
[B]Name: [/B]
B]Character used:[/B]
All drabbles must be between 250 - 500 words.

You have until Thursday 8pm (BST - that's British Summer Time) to send me your drabble. Anything later than that and you're out of the brawl and with no participation points. (You'll be termed Zach Smith!).

I will post the drabbles on Thursday evening, set up the vote, and then publish the result on Sunday afternoon (as near as possible after 3pm, but sometimes your barmaid gets a bit busy with Sunday dinner)


~Madam Carmerta~