I have a special mission for SPEW this month, and it's a bit different than anything we've done before. Actually, it may be radically different. But I think this is one of the best activities I've concocted to date.

What task do I have for you? I charge you to visit The Three Broomsticks forum and review/comment on THREE drabbles.

What is this, you say?

You heard me. Visit TTB and give SPEW quality feedback to three different authors who have posted drabbles in their threads at some point in the past three months. I'm not asking for a SPEW length review by any means, as there truly may not be that much to be said about a drabble, but something in the 200-400 word range would be lovely. I still expect the three standard dimensions of SPEW reviewing — Tone, Organisation, and Reasoning — to be present, but at less length.

There is a beautiful silver lining for this activity. If you do complete at least three drabble reviews, you may use that as one of your monthly reviews BESIDES your review replacement. Theoretically, you can turn in only one full-length SPEW review for the month, three drabble reviews, one review replacement, and this would count as your monthly activity. These drabble reviews will not be scored by the RAC, but I will be checking to make sure the drabble reviews are of adequate quality.

Why am I making this a potentially easy month for you? Well, to be honest, this month, with QSQ judging for most of us and school firing back up, it will be maniacally busy. Your benevolent ruler realises that easing up on your workload would be beneficial to everyone.

But more than that, this is about the authors of The Three Broomsticks. As most of you know, a lot of authors get their start in drabbling, stretching their writing legs in a forum that doesn't reject for OOC or SPaG. It's a great opportunity to get feedback. But so often, drabbles go without comments, and that just won't do. With the recent release of the final Potter film, many new writers have descended upon the fandom's leading fan fic sites, including ours. Hopefully, we can find a way to help them along a bit.

Of course, there are rules. Besides the regular SPEW rules governing etiquette, proper grammar/spelling, and all that, there are some specific to this activity. While different SPEWers may comment on the same author, they may not comment on the same drabble. A SPEWer may not comment on the same author twice, as the idea is to spread tidings of good cheer and all that throughout the TTB forum.

If you do choose to participate and wish to use this as a review replacement, please post the required number of links to your drabble reviews in one post in this thread and link that post in the monthly thread. You may reply multiple times to this thread for discussion, but please keep your review links in only one post. And, as usual, please ask and answer one TQ (topic question) for this to count as a monthly activity or a review replacement.

I'll get started with a TQ:

What do you find the most challenging about reviewing shorter pieces as compared to longer ones? Are there advantages?