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    The Fifth TTB Drabble Brawl!

    Are you ready to throw the smackdown with your fellow drabblers and show off your skills? Have you and your neighbouring thread-owner have had a dispute over a pint of Butterbeer regarding characterization? Do you feel that the weekly challenge winners don’t fully represent the skills of the drabblers in Rosmerta’s pub? Or are you just up for a good drabble writing frenzy?

    Well, the only civilized way to handle this is by participating in the Three Broomsticks Drabble Brawl! So take out your quills and parchment and get ready to BRAWL!

    The concept of the Drabble brawl began on LJ many moons ago, but the previous landlady introduced it to this bar in 2008. It was an immediate success.
    Here are the rules. Read carefully, for they may have changed since the last round.

    The Drabble Brawl Rules

    1. First of all, you must be sorted into a House to participate or sign up.

    2. On that note, do not sign up unless you're absolutely sure you'll have time to participate. This competition may run for several weeks, (at the most 13 weeks depending on dropouts) and you'll be required to turn in a drabble to Equinox Chick for each weekly challenge until you're eliminated.

    Important Note: The weekly challenges for TTB Drabble Brawl are separate than the regular Weekly Drabble Challenges held. Do not confuse the two. The Weeklies are open to everyone in the forum whilst the Drabble Brawl challenges will only be open to the participants. Also do not confuse this with a Gauntlet style challenge – there is a time limit for each elimination round.

    3. And in that similar fashion, said challenges will be posted every Sunday night, and the entries for that challenge will be due the next Thursday at 8:PM GMT. The drabbles will be posted by Equinox Chick within a few hours of the deadline – any identifying names will be removed prior to that so anonymity can be maintained during the voting process. Please do not tell anyone which drabble you wrote! If any of the barmaids hear any sort of rumour that you’re telling other users which drabble to vote for, you will be immediately disqualified/banned – this applies to non-participants as well.

    Face it, guys, it’s uncool to cheat. You want to win because you’re the best drabbler and not the one with the biggest flist!

    4. Other drabblers [including the participants, yes you can vote for yourself] will then have until 3:PM GMT on Sunday, unless otherwise noted, to vote for their favourite and least favourite drabbles in a poll

    5. The least favourite votes will be subtracted from the favourite votes. Example: Someone who receives 3 + votes and 5 - votes will have a total of -2 points.

    6. In the early rounds, the two contestants with the least amount of points will be eliminated, given a pat on the head, some points, and can no longer participate, whilst everyone else moves on to the next challenge thus having survived! Participation points will only be given to brawlers who send their drabbles in on time. If I have to disqualify you, then no points will be given. When we get down to the last 6, one brawler will be eliminated per week.

    7. In the event of a tie, the drabble with the most amount of negative votes will be eliminated. At the other end of the spectrum, points will be shared by brawlers who tie for first place.

    8. The overall winner of the Drabble Brawl will receive immense shinyness, bragging rights and ... oh, yeah, twenty points for their house. The second place runner up will receive fifteen points, and the third place contestant will receive ten. (This includes your participation points)The contestant who receives the most votes every week will earn five points for their house for that week.

    9. Participants and viewers alike must have an open mind to all ships and ideas, including slash. Ratings for drabbles can be as high as 3rd-5th Years and must have appropriate warnings, if necessary. If you are in any doubt about your subject matter/warnings etc then you must PM me.(Equinox Chick)

    10. Drabbles must be 100-499 words. MNFF Submission Guidelines still apply. Please double-check for grammar, and spelling. Equinox Chick is not your beta and will not format the story for you. If you do not name your drabble, I will title it "Untitled".
    BE VERY AWARE that drabbles called Untitled can get confused with other drabbles called Untitled so I STRONGLY recommend that you title your drabble!

    NOTE: You may not use betas. This is part due to the fact that betas give you an unfair advantage over drabblers who don't use betas, but also because you can't remain anonymous if someone has seen your drabble. There’s an honour system in place here, brawlers, but we also hear whispers ... so BEWARE!

    11. Contestants may not post their drabbles anywhere until after the results are posted by the Barmaids. Failure to maintain anonymity will result in instant disqualification.

    12. Mods may enter and not just for participation points. Because this is anonymous, you will be allowed to win.
    If you've read and understand the rules make sure to add the words "Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff!" in your sign up form.

    The Barmaids hope that you guys are looking forward to participating since it will be your peers judging your drabbles instead of just the old soaks who run the bar. On that note, like always, don’t forget it’s for fun! Any questions can be asked over at the Question Corner #6- Ask the Barmaid.

    Past Drabble Brawl Winners::

    Round 1:: Evester of Hufflepuff
    Round 2 :: Azhure of Ravenclaw
    Round 3:: Uncompleted but it was between bothering snape, Equinox Chick and Eternalangel.
    Round 4:: Karaley Dargen

    Sign ups will run from today 28th August until I have 20 participants, or Saturday 3rd September, whichever is earliest. The first prompt will be posted on Sunday 4th September.
    Sign up in this thread using this form.

    PHP Code:
    [b]Name: [/b
    b]Favourite Potterverse Character:[/b
    b]Brawling weapon of choice:[/b
    b]Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative):[/b
    Huge thank you to mugglemathdork who introduced this competition over two years ago and whose words I've only slightly adapted this time around.

    Madam Carmerta

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    Name: Karaley Dargen
    House: Gryffindor
    Favourite Potterverse Character: Lily Evans
    Brawling weapon of choice: A scimitar
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): I've still got access to the Gryffindor Tower, and all the Gryff men inside. I hear that's a good point to start bargaining...

    Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff! That gives me extra leverage because she won't be able to enter the Gryff tower AT ALL without my help!

    Barmaid Edit: you may be a winner, but you still should read the rules.

    HAH I did. You obviously edited after me. Too slow for this Gryff! *zooms off*
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    Name: hestiajones
    House: HUFFLEPUFF!
    Favourite Potterverse Character:Albus Dumbledore
    Brawling weapon of choice:A Potato Peeler
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative):One night with me. I'll let you buy the drinks.

    Barmaid Edit: Perhaps a quick recap of the rules would help ....

    Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff! I thought she was a Pygmy Puff...

    Your font is so large and scary, and I'd already edited ...
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    Name: iLuna17\iMusic17\Ellie
    House: SLYTHERIN!
    Favourite Potterverse Character: Neville Longbottom\Teddy Lupin
    Brawling weapon of choice: a spoon
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): I am a Slytherin. I can slip silently through the corridors, enter the Restricted Section unnoticed, spy on the teachers. . . I can spy, stalk, or attain without buying anything or anyone you want. (MWA-HA-HA-HA!) (DON'T READ: I'm the clumsiest person on the planet . . .DID YOU READ IT?)

    Barmaid Edit: Don't worry about Nargles, but can you make sure you've read the rules. There's something missing from your entry form.

    Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff.
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    Name: the opaleye
    House: Slytherin
    Favourite Potterverse Character: Dudley Dursley
    Brawling weapon of choice: A balrog
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): My presence.

    Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff.

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    Name: TheCursedQuill
    House: Gryffindor
    Favourite Potterverse Character: Ronald Bilius Weasley
    Brawling weapon of choice: My Super Cursed Quill (the super was made just for the Brawl)
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): It would be an accumulative present. Everyday each of you will be presented with five chocolate eggs. You must go through a test of logic to pick the correct one (I will give you the right one if you don't guess it right, but having a challenge is much, much more fun). Inside you will find a puzzle piece, then you may eat the chocolate egg if desired. At the end of the brawl, when you put all of the puzzle pieces together.. well you'll see what it creates

    By the way, carole, I saw your post in the Pottermore suggestion thread, and Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff!


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    Name: ron lover
    House: Gryffindor
    Favourite Potterverse Character: Threeway tie between Albus D/Gellert/Regulus.
    Brawling weapon of choice: My clever wit.
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): Eternity.

    Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff!
    ily Andi, Lise, Ronnie, and Becca.

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    Name: TM_WandStick
    House: Gryffindor
    Favourite Potterverse Character: It changes daily. Today it's Remus Lupin.
    Brawling weapon of choice: Erm... my super-sharp wit. Ah, I wish.
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): You seem to already have claim on any and all desirable men from the Potterverse and Doctor Who, so I would give you... chocolate. To go along with your men. :P

    Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff. I was totally under the impression she was a Gryffinclaw. Silly me.

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    Name: Ascendio
    House: Gryffindor
    Favourite Potterverse Character: The title character himself, Harry.
    Brawling weapon of choice: My bow with my quiver of dangerously pointy quills.
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): How about a cloak of inspiration? You're rather bored, looking for a plot bunny or maybe just something to do. . . Problem solved! Put on your Cloak of Inspiration! Now you have the plan for the most marvelous adventure yet! Bam! Best, day, ever!
    Wow, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff! Interesting, interesting. . .

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    Name: melody93
    House: Slytherin!
    Favourite Potterverse Character: Hermione Granger
    Brawling weapon of choice: A tomato!
    Present you’d give to the barmaids (be creative): Tomatoes? No? Er, um ... how about ... an amazing flying carpet that vibrates and massages you at the same time? Hm? Hmmm?

    And WOW, I never knew the barmaid was a Slytherpuff!

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