This is a very minor point but I would be very grateful if someone who has access to a copy of HBP could answer me asap. In the memory of Riddle coming to Hogwarts to ask for a teaching job, Dumbledore mentions that some of his friends are in Hogsmeade. Now, I think he mentions Rosier by name. Is Rosier's gender mentioned? Likewise in Slughorn's memory (I can't remember this but would be very grateful if someone checked) of when Riddle asks about Horcruxes is Rosier mentioned as being in the room and as being male?

If Rosier's gender (this not being Evan Rosier but a relative) is not mentioned then that would be absolutely fantastic for the story I'm writing at the moment and I would love an answer asap before I get rather carried away with the possibility that Rosier could be female.

Thanks- Alex