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Thread: Bookworm's Banners

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    Bookworm's Banners

    Name: hogwartsbookworm, but you call me Bookworm. Or, if you're one of my buddies, you already know what to call me.
    Age: 18
    Graphics program of choice: Gimp 2.6
    How long you have been designing: I've had Gimp since last November, but until recently, I'd spent less than 10 hours on it. Then, last week... I had a banner explosion. It was quite odd, actually. Came out of nowhere.
    Specialties: Uh... no clue. Too new at this, I guess. You take a look and tell me.
    Favourite FanFic Category: Romance, Humor, Marauder Era, Next Gen
    OTP: Molly/Arthur and Ron/Hermione are at the top of the list at the moment.
    Any stories on MNFF? Yep.

    Oh, P.S. if you want to request, feel free. I should take less than a week... *crossing fingers* Here's a form.

    Title of your Story: (If it's a story banner)
    Author Name: (If you want it on the banner)
    Catch phrase: (Only if you’d like one, obviously)
    Overall look of the banner: (i.e. colors, images)
    Fonts: (Specific name of font or a general idea)
    Characters: (Specific Characters in the banner? And d'you want movie characters or images that you or I choose?)
    Story Summary: (With link, please)
    Banner size: (May not exceed 300x500px)
    Have You Requested This Banner Before?(So I can stalk your old one if you have)
    The function of a rubber duck is...? (I loved that line in the CoS movie)
    Anything you'd like to add? (Anything at all?)
    No need to include the stuff in parenthesis when you request. >.<
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    Will do, Maple.
    And, in the mean time, here's a new Paris-themed banner I made to look at.

    EDIT: This was no double-post. It should be after Maple's post below.
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    I have an odd request for you

    I'm not even using the form because it doesn't really work.

    I want an S inspired banner. Haha, oh yes.

    Ok, have fun!

    -the mean Maple
    Avvie by me, banner by TM_Wandstick.
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    I don't have a request, but I have come to visit in order to squee over that Hermione/Oliver banner. Just wooooow. It's brilliant

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    Hi there! I don't have a request, but could I possibly wear that gorgeous Paris banner? It's just too pretty. I love it.


    Edit: Thank you!

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    Soraya: Aw, thanks! I'm glad you like it.

    Gwen: Yeah, go right ahead.

    Maple, I've made a couple versions of your banner, but I hate them all, so I'm not posting them. I'll keep working on it.

    EDIT: Alright. I totally redid your banner, Maple, and here is the least sucky version. I hope you like it.

    Also, a random banner.

    I'm noticing a pattern. I've six banners in this thread now, and three have black backgrounds. Hmmm. Maybe it's 'cause that seems to be easiest. And I'm lazyyy.

    EDIT AGAIN: My laziness was bugging me, so I put a different bg on your banner, Maple. I think I like it better. What do you think?

    EDIT YET AGAIN: Some random Riddle/McGonagall stufffff...

    Big...(wallpaper??) thing...
    More colorful version.

    Colorful version:

    P.S. Yes, the words are from Coldplay's Yellow. I dunno why, it just fit.
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    Lovely. You have a great eye for character placement, especially in this. I see you're on hiatus, but I hope you'll continue to make banners - I'd love to see what sort of bannermaker you'll grow into.

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    Thank you, Laur! Your banners are gorgeous; I was so excited when I saw you had posted. You're right, I am on hiatus, but pretty much just from doing anything with a deadline and posting. Bannering seems to have become my new favorite thing to do to relax, so I'm sure you'll see plenty of banners in this thread eventually, though I can't guarantee they'll be any good.

    So, I'm not sure if it's allowed, or if I should have asked the bannermaker in question's permission before doing this, but I've been oogling TM_Wandstick's latest banner for awhile now, and I thought I'd try to... sort of recreate it. Like I said, I don't know if that's allowed. Toni, if you see this, feel free to tell me to get rid of my feeble attempt to mimic your greatness. I won't mind.

    Anyway, here it is. Pretty much it's just enormous, and not nearly as cool as Toni's.

    Oh, and 'cause I was messing with it, and randomly turned it brown and thought it looked sort of cool that way, here's the brown version, too.

    EDIT: The not quite so huge, but equally fail-ish colorful version.

    EDIT: The (maybe...?) slightly better version.

    EDIT: Mmmmm, random purple-y banner. Whaddya think?

    EDIT yet againnnnn (somebody please post?) :So, uh, yeah, more practice. Here's a story banner for a story I beta'd awhile back.

    Annnnd a random Harry/Ginny banner. I don't know where it came from -- they're not my OTP or even close.
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    Hey! Wow, that' really flattering, actually, I have no problem with it at all! Mostly I came up with that banner by clicking around and messing with random things... but it worked it seems. Anyway, I do think you've got a very good start on bannering.

    Crit: I think I like the original version the best because it shows more of the red coloring. I like the base very much, but the people don't really seem to fit in, I think because their coloring doesn't quite match the base. It also seems like the contrast needs to be upped a bit on the people. However, the blending on the people is unbelievable, particularly the top one's hair... great job! Also, it's usually best to make the text something other than plain white. I usually use the eye-dropper tool to pick a color that's already on the banner so the text matches. I don't really think the shadow works very well in this instance either. You might want to experiment with gradients on text ( there are several ways to do gradients, just PM me if you need some help). Also, I'd position the text closer to the middle to create more of a focal point, because right now it looks like it's just been shoved off to the side.

    I like your Molly Weasley banner because it does have a definite focal point, like the fairytales banner above. I know this wasn't much of a critique, but please keep at it! You are really much better than I was when I started!


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    Dear Bookworm,

    The S banner is adorable, I will wear it very soon.

    I love your fairytale one so so much though I think the writing could be a Eensy bit brighter. And the everytime you walk away banner is love. Also, the one you copied off of Toni looks a lot like hers.

    Your banners are getting great

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