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    Bookworm's Banners

    Name: hogwartsbookworm, but you call me Bookworm. Or, if you're one of my buddies, you already know what to call me.
    Age: 18
    Graphics program of choice: Gimp 2.6
    How long you have been designing: I've had Gimp since last November, but until recently, I'd spent less than 10 hours on it. Then, last week... I had a banner explosion. It was quite odd, actually. Came out of nowhere.
    Specialties: Uh... no clue. Too new at this, I guess. You take a look and tell me.
    Favourite FanFic Category: Romance, Humor, Marauder Era, Next Gen
    OTP: Molly/Arthur and Ron/Hermione are at the top of the list at the moment.
    Any stories on MNFF? Yep.

    Oh, P.S. if you want to request, feel free. I should take less than a week... *crossing fingers* Here's a form.

    Title of your Story: (If it's a story banner)
    Author Name: (If you want it on the banner)
    Catch phrase: (Only if you’d like one, obviously)
    Overall look of the banner: (i.e. colors, images)
    Fonts: (Specific name of font or a general idea)
    Characters: (Specific Characters in the banner? And d'you want movie characters or images that you or I choose?)
    Story Summary: (With link, please)
    Banner size: (May not exceed 300x500px)
    Have You Requested This Banner Before?(So I can stalk your old one if you have)
    The function of a rubber duck is...? (I loved that line in the CoS movie)
    Anything you'd like to add? (Anything at all?)
    No need to include the stuff in parenthesis when you request. >.<
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