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Thread: Bathrooms at Hogwarts

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    Bathrooms at Hogwarts

    So I was wondering, how would the bathrooms work at Hogwarts? Are they communal? Suite style? How many do you think there are in the common rooms? One for girls and one for boys? One for each dormitory? Where do you think they would be located?

    Also, are the students required to bring their own supplies - shampoos, soaps, etc? Or does Hogwarts provide them? And would they be shared?

    Basically any info on the bathroom status at Hogwarts would be much appreciated.



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    I always thought there was a special prefect bathroom w/ extra nice stuff (i.e. the bath), regular bathrooms with toilets and sinks only (i.e. Myrtle's bathroom) and bathrooms in the dormitories. One each for both girls and boys, with multiple showers and things...

    Trying to think how to explain.

    Okay, so you'd enter the bathrooms. There would be a row of sinks and things and a row of rooms with showers/baths inside of them. Hogwarts supplies shampoo and conditioner (poor Hermione, lol) and you'd just take your shower within the mini-room.

    Hope this helps!

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    We know from canon there's a special prefect's bathroom and separate male and female bathrooms, most likely a set on each floor (although without baths/showers, so more just toilets, but bathrooms sound nicer). Myrtle's is described as *the* not *a* bathroom, so I doubt there's more than one.

    I imagine that the teachers all have en-suites and there'd be bathrooms in the staff common room. In the house dormitories I'd guess there'd be a male and female bathroom for each year - or a very very large one, enough to accommodate at least 100 people at a time.

    I doubt they have to bring their own supplies, certainly they could buy some more luxurious/fancy products from Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley (Hermy buys lots of hair product for the ball in GoF) but it would be most impractical to expect students to bring an entire year's worth. These would perhaps be replaced by the House Elves each night, along with fresh towels etc.

    I think the idea of bathrooms split up into medium-sized rooms/cubicles works best. Hogwarts isn't that kind of a boarding school :')

    The description of Myrtle's bathroom at the HBL might help to get an idea. of the general materials/layout.

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