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Thread: Draco/Astoria sub cat.

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    Draco/Astoria sub cat.

    Since the last book and film, I have noticed an increase in Draco/Astoria fics on the site. Currently they tend to get put in the Draco/Other Character cat along with Draco/Katie, Draco/Luna, Draco/whichever-girl-he-happens-to-meet-in-the-Hog's Head-that-night.

    As this is actually a canon couple, is there any chance the mods could think about setting up a sub-category for them?

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    Actually, when I think about it, there are quite a few categories that would benefit from being a separate entity. I completely third the idea of a Draco/Astoria cat.

    I also come with the ever-so-humble suggestion that a Trio Era cagegory be added, as well. Historical is a cat; Marauder Era is a cat; Post-Hogwarts and Next Gen are both separate cats. Most Trio Era stuff seems to be pigeon-holed into General or random other things, when it is, in reality, a separate entity in itself. Just something to throw out there.
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    I second this suggestion. Draco/Astoria is endgame and kind of a huge ship now. It would be great if we could have a separate cat for this.


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    I agree that they shouldn't be in Draco/other character, along with Draco/Tonks, Draco/Luna, Draco/giant squid (just kidding) but I'm not sure it should have a whole catagory to itself. Otherwise, we would probably need to have catagories like Percy/Audrey. Maybe we sould just have "post-DH canon pairings" or something like that. Then we can put things like Draco/Astoria or even Neville/Hannah in a catagory other than other pairings.

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    Draco is quite an important character so I think a Draco/ Asteria/ astoria category is a good idea. But I also really love Jess's suggestion for a Trio Era category as I don't see why Marauders/ Post etc should be defined by their time period whereas Trio needs to be D/A or Romance or something like that.

    Just my thoughts.
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