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Thread: Psi is back and available. :)

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    Psi is back and available. :)

    Name: Psi
    Age: 27
    Graphics program of choice: Photoshop Elements
    How long you have been designing: Too many years
    Favourite FanFic Category: Dark/Angst
    Any stories on MNFF? Yep.

    I have returned! Missed you guys! I am making new stuff slowly, and would love some requests.

    Updated 3rd September 2011
    New Stuff:

    (Text: you are now, and always have been, my dearest enemy.)

    For the_opaleye
    EMEA Banner
    For Rosa / v.2 / v. 3
    SPEW Review Award

    Cliche Challenge
    DHpt2 Trailer Challenge

    Random Banners
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
    6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

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    Double post with new banner:

    I wanted to try putting a few different fonts together and see if I could make it work. Maybe not the best idea. Also, ew, text placement. (I originally had it more to the left hand side.) :/ And more squares! Yay squares, you are so fun and awesome.


    EDIT 2:

    I will get better at text, I will, I will! >.<
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    Hey there! First of all, I just adore your banners! They're so beautiful, especially "The Black Family Curse." If you're bored and willing to do a request, I've got something you could fiddle around with. I'm new to the boards and thought I could do with a spiffy banner for one of my stories. I'd be delighted if you wanted to take a shot at it!

    Title of your Story: When the River Runs Uphill
    Author: bunnyzilla
    Catch phrase: Daphne Greengrass loves nobody. (Not really vital, only if it will fit in nicely. Perfectly fine without it.)
    Overall look of the banner: A very sad and deppressed tone: Somber and dark with (perhaps) a hint of romance. A picture of a silver ring with a yellow gemstone would be great, preferably near the title. A few faded bloodstains in the background would be good to, but the main focus should be Daphne and Pansy.
    Fonts: Something elegant; nothing specific comes to mind.
    Characters: Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson as adults. Daphne is rather depressed in the story, eventually kills herself, so a very sad girl for her. I found a few pictures I like that would fit her here, here, here, and particularly here (because of the wedding dress). For Pansy, I was thinking along the lines of a beautiful girl with defined features, and a somewhat regal appearance. A few pictures I like for her are here, here, and here.
    Story Summary: Daphne Greengrass lives in a home that harbors no love, only motives. Pansy Parkinson is trapped in a marriage with a man she hardly knows. Moral dilemmas are rather unpleasant things, especially when you have to chose between yourself and those you hold closest. (It's femmeslash, a Daphne/Pansy if you hadn't guessed already.) Linkadink.
    Banner size: Whatever works, I don't have a preference.
    Have You Requested This Banner Before?: Nope.
    Anything else?: That's it!

    Let me know if you're up to it or not. Thanks!

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    Hiya, thanks for the compliments. I'd love to do this for you. Give me a couple of days and I should have it ready.

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    Sounds great! I can't wait to see what you come up with... XD


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    Hello! Just popping in to say that this is simply beautiful. I'm banner illiterate, so I shall stick to saying that the font is a lovely choice and the colours work wonderfully together. Great job

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    Oh my goodness, it's perfect!! *Squeeze* Thank you so much, I couldn't have asked for a better banner!

    I shall scuttle off and afix it to my person immediately. XD Amazing!

    Many thanks,


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    Hello! I have your banner ready!

    I didn't manage to work in the ring, but if you would really like me to I can fiddle about with it some more. Or if you would like other changes or something completely different, do ask! If you would like to use it, don't forget not to hotlink and credit as well, cheers!
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    Aaaaah, I've always loved your banners, even before I started making my own... especially the text-centric ones, they blow my mind. I don't have a request right now, but I was wondering what the cursive font is on the July SPEW Review Award banner?

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    Banner by the awesome Minna!

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    babewithbrains: Thank you!

    Katie: I'm so glad you like it.

    TM: Aww, thank you. The font on the the one in the gallery is Sunshine in My Soul, from dafont. The text on the other version is Edwardian Script, which I think was a default.

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