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Thread: disasterous christmas pantomime bunny (historical genre)

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    disasterous christmas pantomime bunny (historical genre)

    Note: If you want to write this bunny, I think it would help if you have a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard

    Characters involved: Mostly OC's, but the director of the play must be called Professor Beery and teach Herbology, the CoMC teacher must be Professor Silvanus Kettleburn and provide a giant 'worm' (an ashwinder with an engorgement charm on it) and Dumbledore must be the teacher in charge of 'special effects,' or more specifically a working 'Fountain of Fair Fortune' and a mini grass hill that sinks into the stage to give the effect that the characters climbed up the hill.

    Mood of plot bunny: Light, kind of entertaining (But not to the main character. To her everything that's happening is just sort of frustrating)

    Plot line: So, for anyone who's read 'The Fountain of Fair Fortune' (it's in The Tales of Beedle the Bard), in his commentary, Dumbledore mentions that the Herbology professor at the time, Professor Beery, wanted to do the story as a Christmas pantomime for the Hogwarts students. However, the giant 'worm' that Professor Kettleburn provided explodes very early on in the performance, the ashwinder's eggs ignite the floor boards, and the Hall is evacuated. The girls playing "Amata" and "Asha" begin fiercely dueling because "Sir Luckless" just dumped "Amata" for "Asha" an hour earlier. Professor Beery was caught in the duel and had the size of his head manipulated (it doesn't say if it was shrunk or enlargened), and many others are also sent to the Hospital Wing. Professor Kettleburn is put on probation.

    Other details: It would be from the point of view fof the girl who plays "Altheda." I named her Catherine, and she's a sixth year Ravenclaw. She senses the whole fiasco before it happens, and tries to prevent it so the play will go smoothly with the help of a boy who works on the scenery for the play. I don't have a name for him, but I'm pretty sure he's romantically interested in her. But if you can give the story a better conclusion than Catherine ending up with him, by all means, go for it. I also had another girl that is not in the play in the mix with "Amata" and "Asha," who is the rival of "Asha," but you don't have to keep her. I just thought it would give it more drama, and add to Catherine's desperation to keep everyone happy until the play's over. Other characters of your creation to add drama or something are definatly welcome.

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    If this plot bunny's still up for adoption - I'd love to claim it. The idea's really interested me.

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    Ooh, can I have this bunny? Can I can I can I please? If you're still interested in it then that's not a problem, but I'd love to do this!
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    This is a cute bunny, and I'd love to take it!

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